Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday = Jaaten + Dad

I work Wednesday through Sunday so I have 2 girlfriends that watch Jaaten at our house Wednesday through Saturday. Jaaten is with Jaafe every Sunday. With the holidays and Grandpa and Grammy being in town, Jaafe has not had her on Sundays for a couple months. Today is their first day back. ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dad is gone again....

Our nieces came over Sunday to ride Ted. This is Lani in the picture. Ted looked even smaller when the girls got on him and they are LITTLE girls!! They had so much fun riding Ted while their Uncle Jaafe led him around. Love those cute lil girls!
Grandpa went home Monday and Jaafe left for Washington DC for work the same day. Grammy decided she would stay an extra week with Jaaten and I. Nice Gammy! Jaaten just started sitting up really well on her own this week. This is her sitting in her Daddy's chair. ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grandpa & Grammy in AZ!

Grandpa has been taking Jaaten outside to touch and smell anything and everything. Now she grabs onto just about everything you walk by....she loves the dogs and horses too.
Jaaten LOVES to take baths so I am hoping she is a little water baby (tan water baby....) like her Mama. ;) Grammy brought her this new bath towel cute!

Monday, Jaaten had her 6 month shots. Whew...not fun! We took some before and afters....poor little girl!
This picture was from Halloween but I thought I would post it because it is so cute. ;)

Jaafe and I were able to go to San Diego this weekend while Grandpa & Grammy watched Jaaten. They must have worn her out! We only stayed for 2 days but we were both missin' her when we came home.

So since Grandpa & Grammy have been in AZ, Jaaten has been 100% occupied, entertained and loved on just about every minute of the day! I feel a little sorry for my girlfiriend Veronica who watches her when they leave. ;) Grandpa flies her around the house and Grammy is ALWAYS flashing her with the camera.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daddy is home!

Jaafe has been hunting for almost a week now in Mexico. He just came home Tuesday morning at 3A. It is so funny to see Jaatens's face when she sees Jaafe. He talks to her in a voice she LOVES and gets so excited over! The picture of her in her carseat is from Outback. Last night was the first time we have taken her to a restaurant. She was so good. ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Pictures ;)

We went to see Santa too and Jaaten didn't even cry. ;)

Christmas Day we opened Jaaten's very 1st Christmas presents in the morning. We stopped by Jaafe's brother Joe's house and then went to our friends, Rick & Tina's house for Christmas dinner. We had a great time but Jaaten was so overwhelmed with all the people. There were about 30+ people and EVERYONE wanted to hold her!!

Some of you already know we bought a mini pony for Jaaten. Poor guy doesn't have a name yet though. ;( I'm thinking Ted but it has not stuck yet. The other picture is of George meeting the mini for the 1st I don't know who was more scared.....the bigger dog or the smaller pony. ;)