Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Before The Babies!!

In the days before the boys arrived, Abbey had Jaaten doing tons of fun things. We knew the boys would turn her world upside down!! In the last few days of my pregnancy I was so uncomfortable I could barely get around so I was SUPER thankful Abbey was able to really focus on Jaaten. Here are a few things they did the week before the boys arrived...

Jaaten LOVES the park and splash pad at the San Tan Mall!

Sidewalk Chalk is the newest fad at our house. It drives Jaafe a little bananas but it comes off. ;)

Abbey set up a little area under the covered patio for some activities for Jaaten. It has been great!!

And after I get home from work she sits on my legs to watch TV....

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Official! September 8th ;)

WOWZA!! This is my supersized belly at 34 Weeks 4 Days!! ;) Jaafe and I both went to my Tuesday Morning Ultrasound this week and the Dr. scheduled these boys' birthdays for September 8th!! I'm glad to have it scheduled but it still seems SO far away!!
The icing on the cake is the infamous Elk Hunt Jaafe "cannot" miss is September 9th!! And YES, he is going!! Love you, Jaafe! ;) These swings for the boys were delivered and sat right inside our front door for over a week. You would think by now I would have my brain wrapped around 2 babies coming. It was not until I actually saw these 2 little swings sitting side by side in my living room that I had a short moment of panic. ;) Lol...

Ken & Melette (friends of ours from Shea) gave us this super cute diaper arrangement this week too. I was so thrilled to get them because I have not bought 1 tiny diaper yet!! The bad thing is this looks too nice to use!!

Jaaten has REALLY started to cling on to me the last week or so. I hear "Mom, Mom, Mom" if I am not in arms length of this Little Gal....

And sometimes I hear it when I AM in arms length!! If you know Jaaten, she is NOT a cuddler and would just prefer to sit on her own watching videos, cartoons, etc. Not these days!!

This is Jaaten checking out the swings when they were delivered. I'm sure she thought there was something in those boxes for her!

Jaafe picks up a coffee for me most mornings from Starbucks....the Little Gal gets a green straw every morning! And loves it....

Jaafe plays with Jaaten on the floor if he gets home in time in the evenings. He gets her all wound up. Then Jaaten covers him with the blanket and "puts him to bed". She says, "Shhhhh, night, night". It is too funny!