Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ted & the Busy Girl

What kid doesn't love to put black olives on all their fingers?? Jaaten learned this one early! When Grammie & Papa got to the house last week, Jaaten was excited to see everything they brought her. Jaaten even found a pumpkin Grammie brought for Halloween that Mom forgot to get out. Oops!
This is Jaaten singing to her Daddy Monday evening after we ate dinner. Too funny.
Jaaten really loves Ted but she has not really got that you have to HOLD ON when you ride a pony. She was dancing around in her cute pink saddle instead. She must have known her Papa wouldn't let her fall.

I guess Jaaten was pooped after her ride. ;) She let her Papa push her on the swing for a while afterwards.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Fairy, A Cookie & The Outdoors

I've been wondering how old Jaaten would be before she would want to start dressing up. Aunt Shorty brought us this little Disney Fairy outfit with a couple others too. Jaaten brought this one to me this morning and started to unzip her pajamas to put it on. She wore it to drink her Tea and go down the slide and read books. I guess I have my answer. ;)

Jaafe had Jaaten today. We gave her a heart shaped cookie to ice after lunch today and eat it. She thought it was so funny and of course got it EVERYWHERE!!

Abbey stayed around the house Friday with Jaaten so they decided to play outside. Jaaten LOVES anything outside so she was as happy as could be. We have lime trees by our driveway Jaaten just can't resist EVERY TIME we go outside!! Even though she knows how sour they are, she keeps biting right into them. ;) Jaaten pushed her dog in the stroller and then had a little picnic.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hair Ponies & Show Offs

This Little Girl is FINALLY starting to get some hair!! The picture isn't the best BUT it is the 1st time we have hair ponies in and you can actually see the hair coming out the top of the rubber band!! I still have hope she will get my hair gene though, not Jaafe's. ;) Jaafe got a new iPhone yesterday so we were trying out the camera last night. Not a lot of the pictures turned out as we were learning the camera on the phone but here are a couple.

Abbey took Jaaten to the park for a good part of the afternoon. Jaaten was sick for awhile so we have been easing her back into the park. Jaaten has a new found LOVE for sunglasses when she's outside now. She made some new friends at the park and was quite the Show-Off for these tweeny girls and they LOVED her!

The park is followed by REALLY good afternoon naps too! The Mama likes that!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold Weather & Bikinis

This is how we started our day today......Jaaten pulling out every swimsuit I own and spreading them all over my closet. ;)
It has been super cold for AZ standards. I think the temperature got up to 50° today!! Jaaten didn't seem to mind. I think she just wanted to get out of the house because she has been sick for 10 days!