Monday, July 22, 2013

Newport Beach

This summer we changed up our San Diego routine and went to Newport.  It was really pretty and we loved the beach house we stayed in this year.  The kids were IN the sand every day all day.  The little gate in the picture was our only division between our back patio and the beach!!!  I know the kids loved it but I was ready to not see sand for another year on day 2!!

 Jaafe bought Jaaten these two starfish at the swap meet.  I don't think she went a half day without having to find them and take them back to "their home".
 It's been a long time since this little boy has fallen asleep on me. <3 a="" after="" and="" at="" bath.="" beach="" before="" diaper="" didn="" even="" get="" having="" he="" him="" nbsp="" on="" out="" p="" playing="" pooped="" t="" the="" udson="" was="">
 The inflatable toddler beds were a hit!!  The boys did so great sleeping in their beds every night and not getting out.  I was worried since they are still in cribs at home.  Hudson and Steel thought they were so big sleeping in their own beds by their big sister!
 Jaaten was SO excited to be at the beach!  She started talking about going to the beach this summer right after Christmas!!
 Steel, Jaaten, Hudson 7.1.13

 Steel LOVED digging in the sand and even found a couple little friends to play with...  7.2.13

Hudson, not so much!!

 Jaaten kept wanting to play on these rocks because there were crabs crawling all over by there!

 Love to lay by their Daddy!  7.2.13

 Hudson and Steel  7.2.13
 Our good friends Jarrod and Ashlee came to hang out with us in Newport.  Their little guy is a few months younger than our boys but about the same size!!  All three boys were watching Jarrod walk out to his last surf before moving back to Missouri from San Diego.  So cute!  7.3.13
 4th of July!  All day at the beach!

We had a pre-birthday cake for Jaaten's 4th birthday at the beach.  Oh how this girl loves a good cupcake!
 Braxton, Hudson, Steel  7.4.13
 Steel  7.5.13
 Jaaten 7.5.13
 We took the kids to this little Sealife Museum.  Jaaten of course loved touching all the sea animals and playing with all their exhibits.  7.5.13

 Brandi got the kids a tootsie pop when we stopped at a gas station on the way home.  Everyone of them loved it but Steel ate his to the stick!!  7.6.13

Thursday, July 18, 2013


This summer has been really busy for us so far!!  I'm bummed I haven't posted any pictures since May. ;(  Everyone is getting so big and changing so fast right now.  Jaaten has really grown up in the last couple months and Hudson and Steel are copying her every move.  It seems like both boys are talking so much more than Jaaten did at this age.  Maybe it just seems that way because there are two of them.

Hudson and Steel started hugging each other recently.  It is so cute but it usually ends up with both of them falling down as they are latched to one another.  This is the first picture I got of them hugging and it is not even that great.  More to come though.  5.18.13
Steel waiting for the doctor.  5.22.13
 Jaaten and I went to Show Low with Jaafe at the end of May too.  We just went for the day to watch Jaafe rope.  I didn't even get any pictures of the roping!!  We were busy doing Jaaten stuff. ;)  5.25.13

 Grammie and Papa came out to see us in May/June too.  They kept the littles while Jaafe and I went to Florida for our friends' wedding.  5.31.13
 The wedding was at a super cute beach house in Grayton Beach.  That part of our country is really pretty but the humidity is killer!!  And does not do good things for my hair!!
 After the wedding in Florida, we drove to South Carolina to see a bestie of mine and her family.  This bridge was the start of our rode trip there.  That is water on both sides friends!!  Little scary for this crazy girl!
 After SC, we drove to see another dear friend of mine in North Carolina and stopped at the Nascar Hall of Fame.  Nascar is not my thing but it was pretty impressive.
 A week later I was back with the 3 Little People of mine. ;))  Jaaten came to the airport with Papa to pick me up but fell asleep in the airport waiting.  These boys were happy to see their Mama!
Steel 6.5.13
 Hudson 6.5.13
 Steel, Mom, Hudson 6.5.13
 Jaaten 6.6.13
 Jaafe bought the boys these real deal cowboy boots when were were in Seaside, FL.  Who would have ever thought there would be a western store in the middle of this beach community.  I never realized how popular the western thing was until I met Jaafe.  ;)  I wish I could get the video of the boys trying to walk in their new boots to upload.  The small heel really threw them for a loop!!
Hudson checking out his new boots. 6.6.13
 Steel in his new boots. 6.6.13
 Hudson 6.6.13
 Steel 6.6.13
 Jaaten took the ISR swim courses this summer.  She did so great.  We went to lessons every morning for 10 minutes.  She loved it and now claims she swims like a purple mermaid.  ;) 6.6.13

 Monday nights are dinner night at our house.  Uncle Joe, Kimberly and Kambri always come over.  My girlfriend Julia came over one Monday in June too.  Hudson loved her. ;))  6.8.13
 Hudson and Steel love this Daddy of theirs!  For anyone that knows Jaafe, Hudson has inherited the tongue biting trait! 6.9.13
 Love this pretty girl!  She's waiting for her Dad to get all the stuff ready to go ride Uncle Joe's boat at the lake. 6.9.13

 Jaaten 6.11.13
 Are these two pooped or what?  Both of them fell asleep during story time before their nap!! 6.11.13
 New Jams!  Steel and Hudson 6.11.13

 Jaaten and I have been going to the movies every Tuesday morning with a group of her friends from preschool.  The theater is always packed with kids and Jaaten thinks she's so big with her own popcorn tray!! 6.11.13
 Movies 6.18.13
 Hudson 6.12.13
 The beach beds!!  I wasn't sure what I was going to do about the sleeping situation for our beach trip this year.  The boys are still in cribs, too big for pack and plays and I certainly wasn't going to bring the cribs.  I saw these inflatable toddler cribs in Sky Mall which I thought would be great but they were $90!!  Walmart to the rescue!!!  Almost same exact bed for $35!!  These really are the best!!  Hudson and Steel thought they were so cool.  I set up one before we left for the beach to test the waters.  I'm glad I got one for Jaaten too!! 6.13.12

 Jaaten 6.17.13

 Hudson 6.17.13
Steel and Hudson 6.24.13
The boys were not going to share that recliner!
I met a girl recently who has a little guy that is the same age as Hudson & Steel AND triplet girls that are Jaaten's age.  They all came over to swim.  So cute!! 6.26.13
 This kid loves new shoes!!  It is so funny!  Every time I buy them a new pair of shoes Hudson gets so excited to put them on and for me to take his picture in them.
Hudson 6.27.13
 Hudson ran around in his diaper and the new Vans for half the day!!  Ha!