Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Next Stop....Kindergarten!

Jaaten had her preschool graduation on Thursday. ;)  Next year is full day kindergarten for this girl!  5.14.15
 The boys did NOT want to take this picture!!

 Ms. Jasey & Ms. Myrna  Jaaten loves them both!
 I guess Hudson thought this was his day too.  He marched straight to the front and sat down once Jaaten's class got up. ;)

 This is Gavin, Jaaten's friend from school.  So cute! 
 We had kindergarten orientation the same day as graduation.  Big day for this little girl!  She was so excited to go to the new big school with the playground. ;)

 Jaaten had a dance recital last Saturday.  Hip hop class!  She did so good!  Love this pretty girl!  5.16.15

Grammie & Papa Visit & School is Over!!

Grammie & Papa came for a visit April-May.  We took the kids to an arcade type place...which of course they loved.  The boys were so into this game!  So funny! 5.6.15 

 We went to a peach farm in the morning the day Grammie & Papa left. ;) 5.7.15

 My sweet friend Berry and her little guy met us at the farm too .;)

 Papa driving the bus.  He is such a trooper!  ;)
 Mother's Day month!!  This is a picture of my Mom and Dad with me the day I was born.  LOVE!  3.1.79
Jaaten had crazy hair day at school.  The only directions I got were she wanted her hair to look like rainbow dash pony's tail!!??!!  5.11.15

Steel had our sitter outline his body with chalk while he laid on the deck.  He was so proud of it when I got home from work he asked me to take a picture while he stood in it. ;) Love that kid!  5.12.15
 Jaaten wanted to take birthdays treats to all her friends at school on the last day since she has a summer birthday.  She was beyond excited here with Ms. Myrna.  5.13.15

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Easter, More TBall & More EARS!

Loves her new shoes!
 I made these cute buckets for Jaaten's tball team to sit on while on the sidelines with their name and number on THE OTHER SIDE!!  Who doesn't get a picture of their own work!!??!!  THIS GIRL!!  4.2.14
 Steel....and Dad's dirty, nasty boots on his arms.  Boys!!  4.4.15
Easter Sunday was fun....but I never seem to get those formal pictures by the fireplace Grammie always made us do!  4.5.15
 And does anyone notice how my kid is always in her underwear?!?!  I swear she does not like clothes!!  

 This was our last trip to the ENT!  Steel went too this time.  I didn't get a picture (which I now regret) but they lay Hudson down on his back on an exam table to remove the items from his ears.  This time he was REALLY upset and scared before the doctor started.  Steel climbed up on the table all on his own and held Hudson's hands.  Steel told Hudson "It's ok. You are doing really good."  It was the cutest thing ever!  I was sad I had to help hold him or I probably would have a video!  4.8.15

 FOUND:  Random beads!  ;///
 What Mom has their kids color Easter eggs the Wednesday AFTER Easter Sunday you ask?!?  This one!!  We ran out of time Sunday.....then I worked Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday was the day!  At least we did it people!  4.8.15

 I took the kids to an open gym.  They have been before but not to this one!  They are all getting so big.  It was so fun to watch them. ;)  4.9.15

 Another tball game!  Jaaten loved it and she had the nicest coach. ;)  4.9.15

 The boys sometimes got a little restless during the games....noogies and selfies cured that!

 What is Hudson doing?!?!  Is that my kid?!?!
 Cutest picture of Steel watching Octonauts.  Love this kid!  4.11.15
 These boys are the funniest!  Seriously!  I could not decide which picture illustrated their relationship the best.  So I just added all three!  4.13.15

 This pretty girl wanted to get her hair cut by Mom's hair girl.  So cute!  4.23.15