Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mom & Aunt Sherri: The Final Results

For the past couple years I have been seeing these beautiful, unique looking memory boards at a few of the boutiques around town. I have wanted one but could not imagine spending $800+ on one half the size of this one. PLUS, they looked easy to make.....Mom & Aunt Sherri came out in June for the Yankees games. While they were here they put together this BEAUTIFUL board for me!! Our cabinet guy and friend, Curtis, made the frame. So it turned out not so easy to make but it is so nice. Thank you so much, Mom & Aunt Sherri! I LOVE it!

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More Cute Pictures ;)

Jaafe brought home yet another sacrificed animal to hang on the wall in the den. He is running out of wall space in that den so hopefully we are nearing the end. ;) Jaaten seems to be interested though... This is a typical attire in the morning for Miss Jaaten. We all the sudden don't like to wear shirts. I found out we HAVE to wear pants at all times though. The other day she pulled off her diaper while walking through the living room. Not good for The Mom!
Jaafe wants his picture taken with The Girl a lot lately. ;) This was yesterday morning right after Jaaten ate. Hence the reason she is not wearing clothes.

We had to go to Lowe's the other day to pick up access doors for the built in BBQ being made as I type. Jaaten loved this mini lounger for outside. Now I'm on the hunt for a cute one for her.

We went to the Dr. this past Tuesday. Jaaten crawled right up these little wooden steps that lead to the bed in the Dr.'s office and sat down. She thinks she is so big!

I put these little jean shorts on Jaaten that Aunt Shorty gave us. They made her seem so grown up.

Jaaten tried hummus for the first time this past Tuesday. Grammy would be so proud! I did put a little blob of hummus on her tray and tried to show her how to dip her cracker in it. Not so much...all over the tray, all over the face.
I took this picture a couple weeks ago and never posted it. It is one of my favorites. ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sundays ;)

Sundays are bittersweet for me. SOME Sundays are more sweet and SOME are more bitter. ;) Sundays are sweet because I LOVE that Jaafe spends the entire day with our little girl. AND.......Sunday is the start of my weekend since I have Mondays and Tuesdays off work. Sundays are sometimes bitter because I know this is what I will come home to......and the kitchen is usually worse if you could imagine ;) Love you, Jaafe! Lol.... We finally had a pool fence installed for our Little Gal! She is all over the place now so it is just in time.

Friday, July 23, 2010


We have been so busy at the Kellis Casa since we returned from KC over the 4th. While we were in KC we had a water line break. Abbey sent us this picture so we could see how much it flooded. ;) The water was mostly dried up when we got back but Jaafe still had to fix the leak. Bummer! Abbey took Jaaten to Layton Lakes (community close to our house) to feed the ducks today. I guess that did not work out like she thought (I think the ducks came after them) so they just played at the park for a little bit.

They went to Barnes & Noble last week. Abbey said Jaaten loves to see all the kids. ;)
These are Jaaten's 1st ponies. ;) She does NOT like any kind of bows or clips but these seem to stay for awhile.
The Chandler Mall has a train that drives all over the mall for kids. Abbey took her the week we got back. She LOVED it! Jaaten even put her arms up in one picture like she was on a roller coaster!

The water fountains seem to be a big hit too but it is really getting hot now! These pictures are from 3 or 4 different times Jaaten has been to the water fountains. ;)

Jaaten even made a couple friends there. ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long Time No Post...4th of July

Jaafe, Jaaten and I went to Kansas City this year for 4th of July. We had such a great time! We left July 2nd in the morning. I thought it would work out perfect for Jaaten's nap time. Little did I know she would stay awake the whole flight. ;) Of course, Jaaten fell right to sleep when we got in Grandpy's car. We have a regular audio monitor for Jaaten at Grammy and Grandpy's house. This visit Grandpy decided we needed a video monitor to WATCH Jaaten! That video monitor did not leave his side. Jaafe and I went out to watch the UFC fight one night while we were in town. This picture was taken at 12:15a when we got home. So cute!! He must have fell asleep watching her. ;)Thanks to Aunt Shorty AGAIN, Jaaten has a super cute outfit for 4th of July! Thanks, Kensey!

It was fun to swim with everyone! Jaaten is such a water baby!

Jaaten's little birthday party was so cute and she LOVED the cake and cookies. Thanks to Brooke Payne for making the super cute cake and MJ for the #1 cookies! Jaaten LOVED the sugar!!

Jaaten loved opening all the fun gifts she received for her birthday too!

After spending 4 days at Grammy and Grandpy's house, we hoped Jaaten would be totally pooped and sleep on the plane on the way back. Again with my wishful thinking!! My pretty little girl screamed so loud on the plane I almost went bonkers!! Thank goodness for Jaafe because he was so helpful when I was about to lose it!! After we got off the plane, one couple told us they could not believe such a cute little girl could make so much noise!! This was Jaaten LESS than 30 seconds after I walked off the plane.....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teeth & Funny Pictures ;)

Jaaten is getting more and more teeth and she is kind of a monster when new ones come in! We took this picture to send to Jaafe when he was out-of-town last week. ;) Jaaten loooooooves when her Daddy is home. She never sits like that for me to read to her. Go figure!We sent this picture to Jaafe too while Jaafe was out-of-town. Jaaten really started walking well while he was so gone so we wanted him to see. This is another picture of Jaaten at the water fountain park Abbey takes Jaaten too. You can see she loves it. ;) I think Abbey likes to dress her in all the cute stuff Aunt Shorty gives us. ;)