Thursday, June 30, 2011

Funny Girl!

Jaaten has really been into coloring lately. I let her color in her chair only for fear she will color on my walls. I left her use some highlighters the other day and didn't watch her for 1 minute. This is what I got!

Every morning Jaaten and I drive down to Starbucks before I go to work. When we get back into the garage she crawls into the driver's seat, puts my glasses on and puts the key in the ignition! Wow!

Abbey and Jaaten built a fort in the living room while they waited for swim lessons to start on Tuesday.

It was over 112° on Wednesday so Abbey took Jaaten to the mall to play on the train.

This was a funny picture Abbey took of Jaaten playing the drums again at Abbey's house. This time she had on headphones and sang!! Ha!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Abbey to the Rescue ;)

Today I am 27 weeks and 5 days along with these fast growing twin boys! I'm pretty uncomfortable and a little short of breath most of the time. BUT, I am super thankful we have this opportunity to experience twins and I am not sick!! The 3rd picture is yesterday's belly. Somehow I thought it looked a lot different from today's belly so I included both. ;)

It has been 110°-113° since this last Monday. Needless to day I have been miserable in the heat and it makes it even harder for me to get around. Jaafe is out-of-town again so Abbey has been such a lifesaver for me and she usually is though. ;)

Jaafe left early Sunday morning so Abbey agreed to watch her while I was at work since that is usually Jaafe's day. Abbey took her to church to play with the kids and she loved it!!

Abbey is always really great about letting Jaaten help her do whatever she is doing. This morning Abbey made Jaaten pancakes for breakfast. Jaaten thought she was so big when she got to stir the batter. she kept yelling, "I did it!" The bad part is when Abbey needs the batter to actually make the pancakes. Jaaten was so sad Abbey had to take the batter!

Jaaten has been taking swim lessons at the house 3 times a week with a girl named April....who is SO great!! The first lesson was rough (for all of us!) but they have been great ever since. This is Jaaten's second full week of lessons and she really seems to like them. After every lesson, she gets to pick a prize out of a Treasure Chest April brings. That chest has been reason enough to learn how to swim. ;) Most of the time Jaaten picks a Dum Dum Sucker which she is equally excited about every time!

Swimming underwater.......which is not my favorite thing!!

Jaaten loves playing with this Disney character set we bought her in Disneyland. She has all of their names memorized and she is even having the characters talk to each other now. It is so funny to watch. I wish I would have gotten a video of it.

This picture was from when we were in KC for Easter. I'm not sure how it didn't make the blog earlier because it is so cute!! Jaaten is always taking Grammie's reading glasses and thinks it is so funny!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Belly Pic & Drums

Today I am 26 weeks and 6 days pregnant with these twin boys. The Dr. told me on Monday that BOTH of the boys weigh exactly 2 pounds EACH!! That is bigger than the average single baby at this stage!! Wow!!I wanted to take a picture of Jaaten to send to Jaafe when he was out-of-town one day this week. Jaaten is so into Toy Story and Tinkerbell these days I could NOT get her to look at me!

I drink a decaf latte just about every morning...guess who ALWAYS wants my drink now. If my drink is in her reach for any amount of time, she grabs it QUICK and runs!

It has REALLY gotten hot this week! Wednesday got up to 108° so Abbey took Jaaten to her house to chnage it up and play inside for a while. Jaaten found Abbey's husband's drum set and was hooked! Aunt CC and the kids have ALREADY sent out a drum set for Jaaten for her birthday next month. Lucky me!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Getting Hot!!

When I came home from work one day this week, Jaaten wanted to sit in the little convertible with me. Abbey snapped a picture which made me realize how quickly I am outgrowing this little car!! We have hit triple digits in AZ so the pool, park and splashpad are the regular hangouts again for The Girl!

These pictures were from early last week at the park. Jaaten had on a brand new swimsuit and her much needed hat. As cute as it is, the hat was left in the lake this day....with the ducks. ;) Jaaten must not have thought the hat was as cute as we did.

We had to get a new baby pool this year because a stray cat clawed the last one so much I couldn't patch it. She seems to like this new one though. It is nice to have her play in this little pool because we can shade it with the umbrellas. Jaaten thinks she is so big now though so it is hard to keep her in this pool instead of the big pool with the big slide and waterfall!!