Sunday, April 22, 2012

We Are BIG!

Jaaten LOVES to paint outside!! She looks so grown up in these pictures!!

I took this picture after I gave the boys a bath last week. They are so big!! Steel is in yellow. Hudson in gray.

And they are BOTH going to crawl soon!!



Jaafe brought Jaaten by my office this morning. I gave her this balloon....she was in heaven.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gettin' Out

Abbey and Louie offered to take Jaaten to Joe's Farm Grill with them last Wednesday. Jaaten will play outside any chance she gets. I was glad they thought of her. ;) The weather was so nice that day and Jaaten told me, "I get to wear shorts today." And "I need my sunglasses."

Then they went to the park...

Sunday Jaafe spent part of the day with Jaaten. They got lunch and sat at a picnic bench across from my office. I have only been at this office since January so Jaaten has never been there. I took a couple pictures as I walked over to them. Jaaten eyed me a couple times and then said, "Mom you're here!" when she finally recognized me. Too funny!

And Hudson is a sitter!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday

Jaaten ate candy and played with everything the Easter Bunny brought her most of the day. ;) Jaaten and I colored eggs. She stuck her hands in every dye!

And the boys are SO big!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Jaafe and I took Jaaten to San Diego at the beginning of March. It was so great! We went to SeaWorld the first day. Jaaten LOVES animals and is really into sharks, whales and fish so this was perfect. I thought feeding the sealions would be her favorite thing....I think the fish and the turtles in the huge aquarium won out. ;)

Jaaten was so afraid of this penguin person! She would barely let me get close enough to take a picture while I held her!

Jaaten HAD to have this shark! I tried to get her to pick something cute and nice like a Shamu or dolphin... No such luck!

We went on one of the behind the scenes tours to see some animals up close. Jaaten LOVED LOVED LOVED this whale! Weird she has no fear of touching this huge, live whale but would not get CLOSE to the guy in the penguin suit. HA!

Jaafe fed this huge walrus. He is holding Jaaten even though you can't see her well. This walrus was so big and spit everywhere!

After Seaworld!

The next day we went out on a pontoon for half the day with some friends, Jarrod, Ashlee, Shannon and Abbey. Jaaten must have asked us to play in the sand a zillion times! Jarrod drove the boat for us and found a great place in the bay for Jaaten to get on the sand! She loved it!

This is our friend Ashlee playing with Jaaten. She was 9 months pregnant in this picture and teeny tiny!!

15 minutes after leaving San Diego to head home...