Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kellis Christmas 2011

Jaafe and I stayed home this year for Christmas. Christmas Eve started out with Steel being super fussy. I was trying to do a little laundry and he was not having it. I took him in the laundry room and put him on the dryer while it was running while I switched the clothes. RIGHT to sleep!

THEN my Wild Child wants to "play" puzzles. We get out her puzzles and games bin and this is what my greatroom became. ;)

AND this is what Jaaten did when I asked her to pick everything up... LOL

Jaaten and I ran to the grocery store later that day. She wanted to wear her new cute boots I got her. ;)Christmas Day morning was funny. Jaaten didn't know what to think of all the stuff Santa brought her. We called my parents on the computer so they could watch her open gifts. The boys were still sleeping.

It took almost all day for Jaaten to open her presents. She just was not interested in unwrapping!! Once she did start unwrapping she was loving life! Jaafe helped her put on this dress up outfit Grammy and Papa got her.

By late evening she had everything open... And even pulled a new pair of knee socks on with her diaper outfit. ;)

This is the first picture I have gotten with all 3 kids. Jaaten usually doesn't cooperate but I think she was surprised to see her brothers sitting up. (Even though they were just propped against the pillows) Jaaten jumped right in between them and said "CHEESE!"

Hudson 12.25.11

Steel 12.25.11

Hudson 12.26.11

Steel 12.26.11

The next morning all the new toys were already brought back into the greatroom from the playroom by the time I got in there via the new baby carriage.

Jaaten played with her new toys for awhile but went looking for Dad's iPad before too long. She LOVES that thing!

Steel after a bath 12.28.11

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December at the Kellis House

Jaafe and I took Jaaten to see Santa the second week of December. She was all smiles before we left... THEN Jaaten would not get NEAR Santa! She made her Dad sit with her and wouldn't even sit on Santa's side of his

Ha....this was Jaaten when I pulled in the garage AFTER her Santa experience. ;)

Steel & Hudson 12.13.11

Hudson 12.14.11

Jaaten showing Steel how to play with his gym!

Jaaten loves to be in ONLY a diaper the last month or so...ugh! This is her telling me to "March, Mom. Follow me!"

Jaafe with Steel & Hudson 12.15.11

Hudson & Steel 12.16.11

Hudson & Steel 12.22.11

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gingerbread House & Holding Hudson

We got Jaaten a Gingerbread House to put together this year. She made it last week and she has told every person that has stopped by, "I made house" and points to it. She reminds Jaafe and I she made a house at least once a day. ;) She is so proud!

Jaaten FINALLY held ONE of her brothers. Hudson was the lucky one. ;) I put so many pictures on here of Jaaten holding Hudson and some look really similar. I just couldn't decide which ones to pick because her expressions were so funny. Jaaten even asked for a burp cloth on her shoulder while she held him!! Ha...