Sunday, October 16, 2016

Long Beach Aquarium & Beach October 2016

The last couple days in CA we spent at the Long Beach Aquarium, kids fave, and back at the beach!  Hudson was WORN OUT after the beach!
 Long Beach Aquarium 10.7.16

 We all know this Kellis family does not go on a trip without visiting the local Urgent Care!!  Jaaten's ears were hurting...of course she had an ear infection!  10.7.16
 Only Hudson wants a straw to drink the milk out of his cereal!  Love him!  10.8.16

 This is my favorite picture!!  Hudson could not get enough of the waves!

 Our last night we went to meet our friend Jim and his boys at their hotel in Huntington.  Jaaten and Travis roasted marshmallows and played with the giant chess game.

 Steel was SO EXCITED to roast marshmellows....and he didn't make it. ;/ 10.8.16

Disneyland October 2016

We didn't tell the kids we were going to Disneyland until right when we were leaving.  I wasn't so much after the element of surprise as I was trying to avoid being pecked to death by three little people until the day came!  ;)  We got them dressed in Halloween gear and told them we were going to a little Halloween Disneyland.  They were excited but nothing crazy!  10.5.16

 We took pics right before we left for Disney. ;)  10.5.16

We got the boys in trouble for sitting on the (pretend) film camera while we were waiting to take a picture with Mickey in Mickey's House.  Notice the hand on the left side of the picture telling Steel to get down.  Oops!

The kids LOVE It's a Small World ride! 

 And the boys did NOT like Pirates of The Caribbean ride....AT ALL!

 We waited all day to see the Halloween parade....and literally TWO minutes before it started....BOTH boys fell asleep!  Ha!

 But not this Pretty Girl!  She couldn't wait for the parade!!