Friday, May 28, 2010

She Stands Alone with New Shoes....

Jaaten is getting really good at standing on her own and has even taken a couple steps. ;) We sit out on the grass in the evening after I get home from work. We have light for about an hour after I get home so try to take advantage. Jaaten is holding one of her new shoes too.
Jaaten got these new white sandals too. She can't stop looking at them on her feet. ;)

So remember back in FEBRUARY Jaafe said he was tearing down my pool wall to build a barn???..........well we are JUST NOW getting it done! Here is some of the progress on the barn and the ramada.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cowboy Boots & Dress Up

Every morning Jaaten rummages around through our closet while I get dressed and always ends up at Daddy's boots. We have to pull down every one before we are satisfied. Aunt Cynthia and the kiddos sent Jaaten this super cute skirt. We wore it to a girlfriend's house the other night and got great reviews!!

When Jaaten was first born I made her a ton of cute onsies while I was on maternity leave. I mostly made them to pass time. Now I've had a little time to make her more cute stuff that are Kellis originals! ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jaafe + No Facial Hair = WHOA!!

WHOOOOOOA! Jaafe decided to shave off his goatee last night!! It is so strange to see him without it!! I already cast my vote to grow it back asap. Jaafe was hoping to get a reaction out of Jaaten but she didn't seem to notice. ;(
All Jaaten wants to do these days his stand "on her own" and walk holding someone's fingers....
Jaafe took a couple pictures of me and The Girl too. ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st Mother's Day....San Diego!

Jaafe took Jaaten and I to San Diego for Mother's Day! It was a little colder than we would have liked hence no pictures on the beach.......but we still had a great time! I always LOVE taking those quick trips to have some time with Jaafe and The Girl. ;) I love being a Mama and this is what it's all about. ;) Thanks, Jaafe! Love you!

We did swim in the heated hotel pool for a little bit though. This picture is right after we got out. After the pool, Jaaten was a little wore out from the sun AND her top tooth coming in. She laid on the bad with her Daddy and had her bottle. ;) We went to see Jarrod and Ashlee's new Frenchie, Bailey, while we were in SD too. Jaaten was uninterested at first.... Then they were friends.....

Then Jaaten grabbed her and Bailey was a little scared from then on....
We left for San Diego after I got off work so Jaaten slept the entire way. HOWEVER, we drove back Tuesday during the day and Jaaten did NOT sleep the whole way. She looks sweet here in her carseat but don't be fooled.....she was wild! Mom & Dad sent me flowers for my 1st Mother's Day. I got them before we left for San Diego on Saturday night. The flowers were even prettier when we got back Tuesday. ;) Thanks Mom & Dad!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love Mom's Jewelry....HATE Headbands!

Jaaten LOVES to play with any necklaces I am wearing. I thought I could put a headband on her while she was into the necklace. That lasted about 2 seconds......

Sunday, May 2, 2010

We found a Nanny!

After a ton searching and tears we have found a great girl to watch Jaaten. Veronica's last day watching Jaaten was Thursday. I had a sales banquet Thursday evening so I was not there to say goodbye....which is probably best. ;) Abbey's first day with Jaaten was yesterday and it seems like it will work out really well. ;)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Puffs, The Zoo & The Pool.....Does it get any better?

So we love puffs now! Brooke Payne (Hammontree) got us started on them and now she is hooked. She hasn't quite mastered getting them from the tray into her mouth yet though. She has started by getting them to stick to her thumb and then sucking her thumb. About half make it in her mouth..... Some even get stuck on her face for later. ;)
Tuesday Macdowell, Aunt Kiss and Aunt Shorty (Kensey) brought all the girls over to swim. It was Jaaten's 1st time in the pool and she LOVED it!Yesterday, Jaaten and I went to the zoo with Aunt Kiss, Aunt Shorty and 6 other! Jaaten had such a great time outside in her stroller looking at all the trees and animals. Jaaten's little cousins are all so good with her too. Laynie (Kensey's 5-year old) held Jaaten's hand while I pushed her stroller. So cute!