Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Park and Some Funnies....

Jaaten got a new baby and a stroller FOR THE BABY at the Kellis Christmas Party this year. She likes the baby but LOVES the doll stroller!! Jaaten pulls the stroller RIGHT in front of the TV. The picture does not quite do more LB on this Baby Girl and that stroller will have seen better days....already!! ;)
We took all these pictures last night. Jaaten has REALLY started to like cartoons in the last couple weeks so she is often in the zone....
And she will sit wherever she can get a good view of the TV.....Jaaten is growing so fast and she is wanting to do more and more things on her own. She wants to swing by herself, climb by herself, slide by herself. Too funny! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brown Eyed Girl & The Xmas Tree

We had some super cute pictures taken by Tracey Simas, a girl that has known Jaafe since they were both little people. ;) She was so nice and patient with Jaaten and got some really great shots! Here is the link to see the pictures.

Abbey took Jaaten to the park yesterday where she met a couple other little girls. She loved the sand. ;)

And.....Jaaten does NOT want any help these days!
This year I decided to have someone decorate our Xmas Tree. I was a little unsure but this is the result. I LOVE it! TOTALLY worth it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Boots Part 2 & Random Pics

So the BOOT SAGA continues.... We want to wear the boots when we wake up, when we are in the house, petting the horses, you name it. This was Sunday (Jaafe's Day). No required! This is an extra carseat we have sitting in the dining room. Jaaten thinks it is her "inside carseat". Always trying to buckle herself in...
Jaafe took Jaaten to the park in front of my office Sunday afternoon. This was the first day Jaaten seemed to feel good enough to play outside after she had Croup. She seemed to like it though...

I followed Jaaten around the house for what seemed like forever trying to get a good picture of this SUPER CUTE oufit Aunt Shorty gave her. Instead I got a bunch of funny faces from this Little Character. I included 3 of them for your smiling pleasure. ;)

Abbey took these pictures the other day. Again with the boots and add in the sunglasses....

Jaaten found goggles in our pool bath the other day. To my surprise she knew exactly what to do with them too. Like many other things, post Grammy & Papa's last visit, Jaaten has already "Been There, Done That!"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Boots, New Chair & The Wheelbarrow!

Once again, Aunt Shorty has hooked the Little Girl up with something SUPER CUTE that she probably would not get otherwise. These Uggs are still a little big but they are too cute AND Jaaten LOVES them. Next winter they will be too small so we have to wear them a little now. ;) We are in the home stretch of actually finishing the house and I can't wait! Jaafe picked up a few plants to replace some plants that had died. Jaaten and I went outside to follow Dad around placing them. Jaaten tried so hard to move that wheelbarrow herself. When her Daddy started helping her, she thought she was So Cool!

I started watching yet ANOTHER reality show (Quints by Surprise) and saw these super cute booster chairs they used that hooked onto the table. SO I just got one and I love it!! When I first got it in the mail, Grammy & Papa were here and they said I quote, "We were really surprised you would even consider using that so we did not try it while you were gone (in Mexico)"....LOL....It does look a little scary at first but it is SO sturdy. It could hold an adult! I think once Grammy & Papa felt how sturdy it was they felt better about my judgement and parenting abilities. ;) Those Grandparents say funny things sometimes.....;)
So this is our old highchair on one of the tall chairs we used to have in the nook. Jaaten started to almost tip the whole thing over being so WILD sometimes. The new booster is below. Love it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween, Croup & Xmas Trees

Jaafe & I were planning on taking Jaaten to a friend's neighborhood to let her walk around on Halloween BUT she is sick. ;( We dressed her up at home though. Grammy brought her this giraffe outfit but the zipper was broken.
So then we dressed up like a Pretty Fairy. The "wand" was a big hit.....right on the backs of our legs!!! Where does she learn this stuff!?!

Our friend Shelly brought her kids over to Trick-o-Treat our house.....and they were the ONLY Trick-o-Treaters so they got ALL our candy. ;) Jaaten wasn't sure what to think about it.
CROUP: Croup is a viral infection that affects children mostly under age 6. It causes swelling in the child's vocal cords, which is what makes the loud barking cough. Croup causes swelling and narrowing of the voice box, windpipe and breathing tubes which makes it hard for the child to breathe.
I don't know how I got so lucky but this is the 2nd time Jaaten has had Croup and it is NO fun!!
We have been hanging around the house a lot the last few days since Jaaten has been sick. This is where you will find her if you came to our house at anytime lately. Jaaten stands on the stack of magazines I have by the couch and grabs whatever gadget is in her reach (remote, monitor, cell phone, etc.) Then she gives The she knows she shouldn't be up there! She is wearing the hospital gown I wore when I was little (Grammy brought it........along with many other items I wore 25 years ago!!) Always the entertainer at out house!
Yes, this is my Xmas Tree, up on November 2nd!! I felt the motivation to put it up on my days off this week and feared it may not return in time for Xmas. is up! Jaaten didn't know what to think!
This was Jaaten this morning. Still a little sick but noticeably better than she has been. She brought these socks to me to put on her. Which is weird for Jaaten because she would rather be barefoot any day!