Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Pictures 2017

Better late than never....we barley made it. ;) Our sweet nanny, Kayla, from last year was able to take pictures for us kind of last minute.  Some of my favorites maybe ever!  12.6.17

These BOYS!

Hudson!  This little blonde headed boy of mine got this certificate for getting 100% on his first sounds test.  He was SO proud of himself!!  Hudson showed that certificate to me as soon as I picked him up from school, then showed Jaafe as soon as he got home and then Kayla when she came to take pictures for us!  This picture is the following morning when Hudson climbed up into the chair to eat breakfast.  He slept with his certificate!  AWESOME, buddy! 12.7.17 
 Steel's classmate, Jessica, had a birthday party this weekend.  They loved picking out her gifts and getting a picture with the birthday girl.  #nicestboys  12.9.17
 Pride Lion.  This little stuffed animal right here goes home with everyone in the class for a week.  (Gross right) but the kids absolutely love it!  This is the same Pride Lion Jaaten brought home when she was in kinder (even grosser right!) They loved having him at the house though!  12.9.17

And Holly is back....with a friend this year!  Making me a crazy person each night. ;)

Monday, December 4, 2017

Rainforest Cafe, Aquariim & Gymnastics

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Victoria and the kids went to Rainforest CafĂ© for lunch and then the aquarium.  I had to work....story of my life on the weekends!  They loved the whole day.  And we LOVE Victoria for always taking them to do fun things!  11.25.17

Loving their new flannels!  11.27.17

Hudson has been our little singer lately!  This is one of my favorites!  12.1.17
Jaaten had a Winter Show at gymnastics.  Santa comes to the show every year too. They all had an earful for that guy this year!!  12.2.17

Dakota and Tana came over too see us Saturday night.  Jaaten got them playing Go Girl...of course!  12.2.17
New haircuts for the boys....waiting for the car at the carwash.  Not their idea of fun. ;)  12.3.17

Sunday, November 26, 2017

November Funnies

Another tooth, another grossed out Mom.  Wiggly teeth are just something my stomach is not built to see.  Hudson literally pulled this tooth out himself and I don't even think it was THAT loose!  Gross!  Good thing he was with Jaafe. ;)  11.2.17

I'm not sure how well this video will actually show on the blog but it is a funny one!  Steel started making up a song about not crying because Santa was coming...this kid...he is a jokester. ;)

Jaaten went to her first birthday party at a skating rink.  She has tried roller skating and roller blading here and there and not loved it.  I think she thought she would throw her skates on and roll around with her friends like it was nothing.  Not exactly how it went though....Jaaten actually got really frustrated it was so hard for her.  One of the things I love about Jaaten is she is a fighter!  Instead of righting off roller skating forever, she added roller skates to her Santa a list.  Awesome!  1.4.17

Jaaten reading to her brothers....I swear it is the sweetest thing.  They actually listen to her too!  Steely told Jaaten, "You are such a good reader, Jaaten. ;)  11.7.17

Hudson and Steel started Running Club this year.  Running Club involves the kids being at school at 7:30a on Mondays and Wednesdays to you know, RUN!  Well Hudson and Steel were so excited to sign up because they saw Jaaten do it last year.  Surprisingly, Hudson loves it, Steel doesn't love it.  But they go....

Light the Night in Phoenix is a fundraiser walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This year the Shea Sales Team raised money for the cause and attended the walk together.  The boys had a birthday party that evening so Jaaten, Jess and I did the walk.  It turned out to be fun. ;)  This picture made me realize how big Jaaten is getting!  11.11.17

Good thing Jess donated her red lamp we got at the walk to the boys.  We each got one and Jaaten was not about to share hers.  I didn't know if the boys would really care.  Oh They CARED!!  They both set up shop around their light as soon as I got home and they saw the lights. HAHAHA  Thanks, Jess!  11.11.17

Strep throat = "take our kid to work day" in our house sometimes!  You have to love the mornings someone wakes up and says "my throat hurts"  In Hudson's case, he does not say a WORD.  Hudson actually tries to eat and winces every time he swallows.  SO, I knew it was strep.  In a last minute pinch, we went to the doctor and then to my office until Victoria could get him.  It actually worked out.....I was not busy (which was not awesome) and Hudson practiced writing letters on the dry erase board (which was awesome).  I love to see their little brains working. ;)  11.14.17
I cannot tell you how happy it makes the kids (and their momma) when Jaafe goes on a field trip with them!!  We have been so lucky with the boys teachers in kinder this year.  They will always have one of the boys come with the other's class so we can chaperone for both of the boys.  The twin thing can be tricky....everyone has to have exactly equal of everything.  Or there is a war!  HAHA!  The kids went to Vertuccio Farms....Jaafe looks stoked!  Ha!  11.17.17

I bought this gem of a tree for MY room this year.  Somehow, SHE always ends up with the good stuff I buy for myself.  And she's only 8.  Sheesh!  11.17.17
Jaaten's cute friend Adelynn had her birthday party at a pottery making place.  Really cute idea. ;)  These girls have been such good friends the last couple years. 11.19.17

I love when the kids have little class celebrations that fall on my days off.  Jaaten's class party was Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Since you cannot take photos of any other kids at the parties (ugh) it was just me and her. ;)  11.22.17

Hudson & Steel both had their classroom parties the same day.  Jaafe went to Hudson's room and I went to Steel's.  Jaafe got one picture.  I got zero.  WTH!
This dude!!  So I could not get Hudson to put on a Santa hat last year to save my life!  Literally he would not even put one on for me to take a picture of all the kids wearing Santa hats.  Fast forward to this year, Hudson finds this hat as I am unpacking Christmas decorations in the morning and puts it on.  He doesn't taking it off the rest of the day AND falls asleep wearing it. So stubborn sometimes, this one!  11.22.17

 Jaafe had the kids helping him trim trees....they were not amused!  11.18.17
Thanksgiving Day!  Yes, it was hot in AZ....almost a record at 88°!!  We went to Uncle Joe and Aunt Kim's....and took exactly zero pictures while we were there! UGH!!  This is right before we left to go.  11.23.17

 And our Black Friday looks like this....  11.24.17

Slime....its the big thing in our house right now.  Pretty much whatever Jaaten deems cool, the boys think is even cooler!  Jaaten made slime in her Science Club a couple weeks ago which I originally thought was the start of the slime madness.  HOWEVER, I would like to personally thank my "way cooler moms than me" sister in laws, Aunt Kiss and Aunt Kensey.  See they made Jaaten realize making slime at home is totally attainable and can be done in so many different ways with color, glitter.  "We let the girls make slime at home" they tell Jaaten.  Thanks ladies.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 11.25.17