Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's a New Year!

The evening we landed back in AZ we had to run to get groceries!  The new Fry's by us has the small carts for kids.  The boys loved them! 1.5.17
The boys got this truck from us for Christmas but we didn't give it to them until after we got back.  Hudson and Steel both love it....but may beat each other deciding who gets to drive. 1.7.17

 Steel fell in love with the neighbor's new dog. ;/  He is a Pomsky which is a Pomeranian/Husky mix.  Agh!  CUTE puppy!!  1.9.17 
 Hudson still LOVES a little Frozen!
 Our sweet neighbor, Maryn, was a gymnast.  She has helped Jaaten a couple times
 Jaafe's Uncle Dan passed away last week so we went to the service last weekend.  The kids were so good and they liked seeing all their cousins. ;) 1.21.17
I stayed in the nursery room with all the kids most of the time. These boys were wild!!  Hudson, River, Steel and Ryker. 

  Jaaten had a sleepover with her cousins that night.  Sweet girls!

 Jaafe with Baby Kleet ;)
 Sunday, Jaafe's hiked all the way to the top of the San Tan mountains.  Kids loved it but they were pooped!  1.22.17

 Jaaten and her cute cousin Brekyn loving having matching swimsuits.  Thanks to Grammie for always having a least two of everything!!  Ha! 
 The kids were all loving this heated spa!!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Years 2017

The Macdowells drove over to hang out after Christmas and stayed through the New Year.  We took the kids bowling at Main Event New Years Eve morning.  They had a blast as usual. ;)  12.31.16

Jaafe and Macdowell got the TV hung on the last day of the year.  Braxton was over playing plus Maty and River and everyone stopped when the movie came on.  There has not been a TV at the lake house since we have had it.  You would think not ONE of these kids had ever seen a movie before once this TV was up.  Everyone of them watched the REST of the movie.  LOL!  12.31.16

 Jaafe and I usually leave the kids with Grammie and Papa on New Year's and go to someone's house for a party.  This year the Macdowells were in town and a Jarrod and Ashlee and their kids came over.  We had a couple other visitors come and go too but very mellow.  The girls picked ice cream cake from the store and their New Year's celebration was at 8:30p!  Although they stayed up a while longer!  Jaaten's teacher asked the kids to write down how late they stayed up on New Year's at school when we got back to AZ.  Jaaten said 12:03a because she knew she made it long enough to celebrate the new year.  IT WORKED!!  1.31.16
 The kids played Pie Face. ;)

Jarrod and Ashlee's little guy, Merrick, was not sure about what to make of this cowboy holding him! Ha!

 Woohoo!  It's 2017!  (at 8:30p) 

 This little girl loves to draw!  Loving all her new art stuff from Santa and Grammie. ;) 1.1.17
 Jaafe, the kids and I went over to Zach and Katie's awesome new lake house at Lotawana.  I wish I took more picture.  Zach is my dear friend since second grade and it was great seeing his awesome wife and kids.  This red headed little boy was the entertainment for sure.  Thank you for having us Carruthers family!  It was great to catch up!  1.2.17
 We were in KC for exactly two weeks.  It was fairly warm but then turned really cold and the kids were really wanting it to snow.  It did finally snow....but it was the morning we had to leave for the airport at 10:30a.  The kids were so bummed and wanted to stay.  Jaaten and Steel were in and out before I could take pictures.  Hudson slept in that morning and only got to play in snow for a few minutes.  If I didn't have a job we would have stayed. ;/// 1.5.17

Christmas 2016 Part 2

We spent a lot of the time after Christmas at the lake.  The night after Christmas Jaaten played Bean Boozled with the neighbors.  She is still talking about the nasty tasting jelly bean she got! LOL 12.26.16 

 Brooke and Gracie. ;)  12.26.16
 So our new couch....pretty sure Jaafe thinks I'm craZy for getting a light colored couch!  But I love it. ;)  12.26.16
 The kids have tons of toys, movies and things to do at the house now.  BUT they all three crowd around a little portable DVD player on our mattress sitting on the floor in our room.  I kinda like it!  12.27.16

 The drive between our house and Grammie and Papa's is about 25 minutes.  It is rare the kids don't fall asleep!  Holding toys!  12.27.16

 Jaaten has asked me to take her ice skating since last Christmas.  The last couple months she has BEGGED us to take her.  SO what better person to go with than Jarrod!  Jarrod took Braxton and Jaafe and I had all three kids.  The boys chickened out though which meant I didn't have to skate...and I wasn't sad about that!  Jaaten looked super cute in her skates.  She ultimately decided ice skating looks easier and more fun than it actually is!  PERFECT!  You will notice in the pictures JARROD is out on the ice with Braxton AND Jaaten!  Jaafe did two laps and had about as much fun as he could stand!  ;))  Thanks, Jarrod!  LOL!

 The pool up the street from Lake Winnebago sets up this huge inflatable during the school breaks.  We thought it would be packed but there were just a few kids.  It was GREAT!!  12.27.16

 The kids loved throwing rocks in the lake and exploring around the backyard.  It is SO different than anything we do in AZ.  We realized quickly what all those hundreds of geese do down here by the lake while we admire them from the house.....POOP!  The entire ground around the lake was COVERED in goose poop!  UGH!  The kids were so grossed out it was kind of funny!  12.29.16 

 Grammie brought each of the kids this rock they had to pick away at until they could find the GEM inside.  Grammie likes to bring all the really messy things for the kids.  Thanks, Grammie!!  XOXO 12.29.16

 We finally got the light in the kitchen up!  I'm in love!  12.29.16
 These boys were making carpet angels the second we unrolled this rug!  HA! 12.31.16
 Jaaten finally got Jaafe to do a SnapChat and caught a snapshot.  Hope he doesn't mind if I post it! ;)))  12.31.16