Sunday, March 31, 2013


I love these silly Superman and Batman t-shirts!  All these pictures are just from around the house.  ;)  I always realize just how overgrown I let the boys hair get when I post before and after haircut pictures!  Wow!

 We took the kids to the park with slides, jungle gym, bridge to walk on....AND they all run across the field!!
 I took the kids to a just for kiddos salon.  Hudson was nice (for most of it), Steel cried the entire time (par) and even though Jaaten was not getting her hair cut she wanted it washed and blown out (also par).  The lady offered to put tinsel in her hair (shiny strands of pink and purple glittery-ness) so of course Jaaten accepted. ;))

 AFTER HAIRCUTS!!  Note to self:  cut their hair every month so they do not start looking like homeless children. ;))

March = BUSY!!

March was a BUSY month for the Kellis family!!  I just realized I did not post a single picture for the entire month.  I took TONS of pictures all month between my camera phone and my digital camera.  The unorganization and procrastination does not serve my OCD well!!  ;))  Here is my attempt to catch up!  Jaafe turned 40 this month so we had a surprise party for him a local outdoor bar.  We brought home the balloons used for decoration.  This picture is really the only blog-friendly picture from that night anyway. ;))
Brandi has been doing art projects with ALL the kids.  The boys absolutley LOVE it!!  Jaaten loves it too but she is used to doing projects at school.  The boys think they are so big sitting up at her table using glue, markers, etc.  We love Brandi!!

 BOTH boys started opening the doors in our house this month.  Joy!!  This milestone alone could have sent me right over the edge.  ;))  Hudson and Steel are both SO curious but Steel is definitly my schemer: always trying to figure something out.  Like how to get into the bathroom while his sister is using it!!
 Jaafe took Jaaten to the Ostrich Festival this year.  She rode a camel and got her face fulfilled for that little girl this day!!

Jaaten has been watching Olivia in our room at night before she goes to bed.  This night she didn't make it to the end...
 All three frsh out of the bathtub AND a smile from the Wild Girl!!
 Jaaten asked to make popcorn in the popper one evening.  Then she randomly asked if Jarrod and Ashlee (our friends in San Diego) wanted to eat some of her popcorn with her??  I forget how big Jaaten is getting so I am always caught off guard when she references something that is not right in front of her at that moment.  But it makes me happy she remembers our good friends. ;))
Starting to smile every now and again when I ask her for a picture!
 Shirtless Steel with the big o beachball.
 BOTH boys started crawling up onto the couches by themselves this month too!  There is a reason I titled this post as I did!  BUSY!!!

Jaaten has been practicing writing her first and last name at school and at home.  So big!!
 Shirtless Steel again and his long surfer dude hair!