Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter & More TBall

Our sweet friend Jess brought the kids these cute eggs filled with a stuffed animal and candy for Easter.  So nice!  Thanks, Jess!  The kids LOVED them!  3.30.17
 HAHAHAHA 4.3.17
 The TBall games are the cutest!!  4.6.17

 Hat day at school for the pretty girl. ;) 4.7.17
 Bahahahaha 4.7.17
 Love the new dos! 4.8.17
Jaafe and I made it to San Diego without kiddos right before Easter!  Woohoo!  Thanks Grammie and Papa!  4.13.17
 Our sweet friend Jordan just moved to Pacific Beach so we had to see her...with a huge margarita. ;) 4.14.16
 Coloring Easter eggs with Grammie and Papa!

 The bunny found us!
 Egg Hunts....

 Friends and more egg hunts...
 Wind up toy races (shout out to my friend Carly for the awesome idea!)

 Little art session to make bunnies....

 Little dummy riding...

 And roping lessons...this day was a good one!!

Release the Ladybugs!

We took the kids and Jaaten's cute friend, Adelynn, to an Earth Day celebration where they let the kids release ladybugs.  Each of the kids got a cup of 200+ ladybugs to let go.  It was short lived but the kids loved it!  4.1.17