Friday, November 30, 2012

Visiting Grammie & Papa

Jaaten got these silly teeth from her school carnival!!
Jaafe had yet another mandatory hunting trip.....this time in Missouri.  ;)  Jaafe took Jaaten with him and dropped her off at Grammie and Papa's (my parents) house.  I have only been away from Jaaten a couple times and each time I was at the beach or Vegas or somewhere I was not thinking about kids.  It was a lot harder being away from her while I was just living our normal lives at home. ;( She was a little tired once they landed. ;)
 Jaaten was SO tired when they got to her Grammie and Papa's house. ;)
 I had the boys for a whole week to myself!  It was so different without Jaaten around...she is so WILD!!  This is Hudson crawling all over me...funny boy. ;)
Does this little boy need a haircut or what?!?!
When Jaaten woke up from her nap she had to check out all Grammie's Christmas decorations!!
And then they took her to the aquarium...
AND the carousel...
AND to get ice cream...!!!
Jaaten Greer was in Grammie and Papa Heaven!!  Eating donut holes on the couch watching TV with her feet up....I'm not sure Jaaten wants anything more than this out of life right now!!
THANK YOU for having Jaaten, Grammie and Papa!!  She has asked to go back to your house 100 times!!  I wonder why...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Halloween Pics &...Lil Late!

Jaaten had a school carnival just before Halloween and she did not want to dress up at all like all the other kids.  Come Halloween night, she was ready to be a PRINCESS!  I was shocked thinking she would be a dinosaur again.  ;)
 The boys were her Princess Dragons. ;)
 Our friends Eric and Sharman have a hot dog, popcorn & candy stand set up at the end of their driveway every Halloween for all the trick or treaters in their neighborhood.  This year they added homemade donuts being made right there in the driveway!!  We MAYBE Trick or Treated 5 houses and Jaaten said, "I don't want anymore candy.  I want to go home."  ;)  
Jaafe and Jaaten went over to our friends Jim and Shelly's house a couple weeks ago.  Jaaten loves their little boy, Travis.  He calls her Baby Jaaten.  So cute! 
 Grammie bought a stool for Jaaten to carry around and get into everything she normally cannot reach in my house.  Isn't that nice?!?! ;/   I'm thinking we should bring the stool to KC and see what kind of stuff she can get into at Grammie's. ;)
Jaaten is getting so big...she is always getting in my makeup and jewelry now...WITH HER NEW STOOL!!
 We still have the much-loved-by-Mom-and-Dad-enclosure for the boys.  It won't be long before they will be able to get themselves free though.  I swear sometimes they sit in the corner talking their Twin Talk planning their escape.  I left a basket of clean clothes I was going to sit down and fold in the enclosure.  I walked into the other room to change over the laundry and this is what I returned to less than a minute later!   Steel is gonna be my troublemaker!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grammie & Papa Have Been Here!!

Grammie and Papa always bring the kids A LOT of LOOT when they come to Arizona.  Jaaten said, "Let's see watcha got" as soon as she saw the suitcases.  Wow!
Grammie brought these cute Halloween costumes for the boys but they were a little too big...
Steel was not loving it!
Still not sure how I got a kiddo with such blue eyes!!
Hudson & Steel with their Papa.
Papa again doing whatever Jaaten wants...dancing and being a horse for Jaaten to ride!
Grammie brought tons of new clothes for Jaaten and she picked this sparkly blue skirt to wear first. ;)
Steel & Hudson
I LOVE these sweet boys!
Our good family friends Jim & Mignon sent the boys money for their birthday so we could get them a couple new toys.  Not sure when I will learn to just get 2 of the exact same toys.  Never fails that the boys both want the same toy!
Steel & Hudson

 These boys LOVE their Papa!!
 But THIS GIRL isn't havin it!!
 Grammie helped me with baths.  Steel was first. ;)
Then Hudson...

 Papa does pretty much anything Jaaten asks....including sitting ON the table and wearing tiaras. ;)
 Hudson is always looking right at the camera!
 Papa and Jaaten carved a pumpkin for Halloween.  Jaaten wouldn't actually touch the pumpkin because she said "It's gross."
 Jaaten won a huge basket FULL of princess games, toys, dolls, etc. in a raffle at her school carnival last week.  This is Jaaten seeing the basket for the first time.  She said "Papa, check this out."  I love that Girl!!
 Steel's new thing is to throw all the toys out of the toy bins so he can sit IN the toy bin.  He thinks he is so cool once he sits down and looks around to see who is looking at him. ;)
Grammie and Jaaten made sugar cookies.  Papa helped too I guess!  Jaaten was eating the dough as fast as Grammie prepped it to cut.