Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Xmas Day Pics & Chicks

I have taken a TON of pictures in the past few days and realized I have not posted any! I came home from work last Thursday and Abbey and Jaaten were on a walk. It was a little chilly outside if you couldn't tell. ;) Christmas Eve I was up until almost 11p (which is late for me) setting up for Christmas Day....
This is Jaafe helping me set up!
Christmas morning Jaaten seemed so overwhelmed with all the new toys.....
This huge lion was my guess for what would be the "Favorite Toy"....

But these silly textured bouncy balls were the favorite! Who would have guessed! The flute was funny too. She tried to play that flute but has not quite figured it out yet...

She really LOVED the new slippers and soft blanket though.
And of the came with the tent she got. She went through the tunnel once and had enough.
The Pink Castle her Daddy picked out was a big hit too..although it blocks my entire front door!
The day after Christmas, Jaafe wanted to rope so we went to Jimmy's. Jaaten would rather be outside than ANYWHERE inside so she loved it.
Again with the chickens! These poor baby chickens were not as lucky as the previous caged chickens. Jaaten was completely content just chasing the chickens around. BUT, as soon as she saw Jimmy pick one of the chickens was over......for the chickens!

She tried holding them sitting first and that just was not enough....we should RUN with the chickens. For the record, I did try to watch closely to make sure the chickens were not actually being squeezed. That is why we only have a couple pictures of her holding them. ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Abbey took this picture in our front yard this week after Grammy and Papa left. She looks so sweet! You would never know she was a MONSTER for a couple days after they were gone! Jaafe and I went to Vegas again this year for the NFR and Jaafe roped in the World Series roping. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera to Vegas! ;(

Grammy & Papa (my parents) came to AZ to stay with Jaaten while we were gone. They had a present OR TWO for her to open everyday they were here, she got to do whatever she wanted AND her Papa took her outside for hours to let her pet her ponies, pick up rocks and roll in the dirt. I don't think life can get any better for that Little Girl when they are here. BUT, we did have a small incident this visit when Jaaten fell and her nose started to bleed a little. She was SO upset so I went to hold her AND SHE WOULD NOT COME TO ME!!! She wanted My Dad!! So then I started to I'm so grateful Jaaten has such a great bond with my parents already! But Jaafe and I BOTH were glad to have The Little Gal like us again when they left. ;)

I took the picture below of Papa and Jaaten just before they left for the airport at 6a last week. The 3 following pictures are of Jaaten yelling for her Papa, knocking on the door and pouting when she couldn't get INTO THE BATHROOM WHERE HER PAPA was....Geeeez!!

Jaafe bought some fancy massage chair while we were in Vegas this year and it was just delivered yesterday. Guess who had to be the first to sit on it before we even got the arms on it!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

ASU, Cousins & Cute Stuff!

Last night was the ASU vs. U of A football game and our friends Jim & Kristi came over to watch it. Jim and Kristi used to be our next door neighbors in the old house and they just had a Baby Girl, Kenna, last December. She and Jaaten had so much fun playing!! So cute in her little ASU cheerleader outfit with super cute mini skinny jeans underneath. ;)
Jaaten did seem to get bored of all the commotion for a minute. I swear you would think this Little Gal really knows how to read from the way she looks so intently at these little books Grammy got her.

The break time didn't last long....Jaaten needed to see what Kenna was reading. ;)

I tried to get a picture of both of them in this cute chair but no such luck!! This was the best shot I could get. Jaaten popped up and Kenna slid down.
Last Monday night, Jaaten's cousins (Aunt Shorty's girls) came over to play for a little bit. Laynie is in the back and Mataya is behind Jaaten. The girls were so good with Jaaten.....
And this was the Monster Girl!! Breky (Brekyn) is so sweet but she is WILD!! She doesn't stop....going OR talking!! WOW!! Jaaten didn't really nap for me that afternoon but we had fun. ;)
This is an outfit I got from one of my very best girlfriends, Amber, before Jaaten was even born. It has been hanging in Jaaten's closet and now it finally fits!! So cute! Thanks, Am!

And this is the cutest jacket ever.....I wish they made it in Big Girl sizes! Love COSTCO!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Park and Some Funnies....

Jaaten got a new baby and a stroller FOR THE BABY at the Kellis Christmas Party this year. She likes the baby but LOVES the doll stroller!! Jaaten pulls the stroller RIGHT in front of the TV. The picture does not quite do more LB on this Baby Girl and that stroller will have seen better days....already!! ;)
We took all these pictures last night. Jaaten has REALLY started to like cartoons in the last couple weeks so she is often in the zone....
And she will sit wherever she can get a good view of the TV.....Jaaten is growing so fast and she is wanting to do more and more things on her own. She wants to swing by herself, climb by herself, slide by herself. Too funny! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brown Eyed Girl & The Xmas Tree

We had some super cute pictures taken by Tracey Simas, a girl that has known Jaafe since they were both little people. ;) She was so nice and patient with Jaaten and got some really great shots! Here is the link to see the pictures.

Abbey took Jaaten to the park yesterday where she met a couple other little girls. She loved the sand. ;)

And.....Jaaten does NOT want any help these days!
This year I decided to have someone decorate our Xmas Tree. I was a little unsure but this is the result. I LOVE it! TOTALLY worth it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Boots Part 2 & Random Pics

So the BOOT SAGA continues.... We want to wear the boots when we wake up, when we are in the house, petting the horses, you name it. This was Sunday (Jaafe's Day). No required! This is an extra carseat we have sitting in the dining room. Jaaten thinks it is her "inside carseat". Always trying to buckle herself in...
Jaafe took Jaaten to the park in front of my office Sunday afternoon. This was the first day Jaaten seemed to feel good enough to play outside after she had Croup. She seemed to like it though...

I followed Jaaten around the house for what seemed like forever trying to get a good picture of this SUPER CUTE oufit Aunt Shorty gave her. Instead I got a bunch of funny faces from this Little Character. I included 3 of them for your smiling pleasure. ;)

Abbey took these pictures the other day. Again with the boots and add in the sunglasses....

Jaaten found goggles in our pool bath the other day. To my surprise she knew exactly what to do with them too. Like many other things, post Grammy & Papa's last visit, Jaaten has already "Been There, Done That!"