Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hudson & Steel Are Officially Preschoolers

Hudson and Steel started their first day of preschool on Tuesday, August 25th. We made the decision to put the boys in separate classrooms so I was a little nervous.  They are doing AWESOME though!
 HA!  They are funny!  And SO different!
 Steel wanted a picture with his sister. ;)
 And she wanted a picture by herself!! Shocking!
 First day he made a dash right for the toys!
 And Hudson totally listened to what his new teacher, Mrs. Jester, was telling him to do....AND he did it.  I need this woman to live with me!
 And Jaaten wanted her picture taken again!  Love her!  8.26.15
 These boys!!  They are so cute!!  Love them. ;)  8.26.15
 Boy backpacks are a little different than girly backpacks I'm used to buying! 
Jaaten had early release from school last Wednesday and the boys had school in the afternoon.  We went to lunch...just the two of us...which we never get to do. ;)  It is so funny to me how Jaaten is a totally different kid when her brothers are not with us.  I sometimes forget how much her world changed once the boys arrived. ;)  
 Steel at his 4 year check up!  He did not move a muscle when she was measuring him!!  Funny kid!  8.27.15
 Hudson. ;)  8.27.15

 Jaafe picked Jaaten up from school the other day and got her a slushy.  Guess who asks for a slushy EVERY day after school now. ;/  8.27.15
 Hudson...he is my tech boy.  Loves a selfie this kid! 8.28.15
 This is a perfect example of why Jaaten and Steel get along so well.  Steel can be talked into just about anything Jaaten wants him to be talked into!  LOL!  8.29.15

 Top Golf...with the littles.  Hudson LOVED it! 8.30.15
 Jaaten - Kindergarten picture.  Love her! 8.14.15
 They share a LITTLE better than they used to!  9.2.15

And Then They Were 4!

Hudson & Steel are 4!!  On August 21st, 2011 our lives changed forever when these to wild boys joined us!  There are not many days that go by still four years later that I don't say to myself, "I cannot believe we have twins."  I'm sure Jaaten says something similar to herself EVERYDAY!  It is so gratifying to look back and remember how overwhelmed I felt when all three kids were so much smaller.  Although I am still a basket case many days, I feel more and more like I can say "I got this." ;)  Love you both to the moon and back sweet boys!

Hudson - you love Lucky Charms, cottage cheese and crackers, Octonauts, ipad, a plastic pink phone (obsessed), playing with Steel and Jaaten, swimming and yelling!!  ;)

Steel  - you LOVE corndogs, aplles, apple juice, cheeto puffs, Miles from Tomorrowland, playing outside, swimming, all animals, meeting new people and you are a cuddler!

We love you both!  You are both so sweet and cute and we would not change one thing!  Happy 4th Birthday!  XOXO

The morning I took these next pictures of the kids, Jaafe was out of town.  I was realizing how big all three kids are and sent him pictures!!  Sad!  8.19.15

Big!  8.19.15

Worst part of getting Jaaten from is during boys' nap. ;/  AND it is SO hot right now!!  They are always so mad!  8.20.15
Steel spotted this jumping thing at the mall and BEGGED to do it!  $10...he was in....getting all strapped in....and then started to cry....and chickened out!  8.22.15

And we can NEVER get out of the mall (even the very few times we go) without the kid spotting this silly train!!  Agh!!  8.22.15 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Getting in the Groove

Jaaten - Day 3 of kindergarten!  7.22.15  I love this girl!
 The boys were not so happy to pick Jaaten up from school in 115 degree weather. ;/
Jaafe and I went to Chicago (my first time) at the end on July for Jaafe's company.  It was really fun but of course I was stressed about leaving so fast after school started.  BUT Grammie and my niece Bri came to AZ and kept everything running!  Thank you!  Love you both!  xoxo  7.29.15
Jaafe went on a fishing trip while we were there...and definitely caught come fish!  7.30.15

 Hudson and Steel.....last few days to play before school starts for them!

 Phoenix Children's Museum - kids LOVE it and I would take them more if it was not so expensive!! 8.6.15

 After a couple sad notes, Jaaten was so excited to bring home this note!!  Kindergarten has been a little adjustment for an awesome way!  ;)
Jaaten had her first Spirit Day at school!  She was excited to wear her colors, blue and yellow.  Funny girl. ;) 8.7.15
 Monsoon season = BIG FROGS in OUR POOL Gross!!  8.7.15
At the library!