Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Friends & Birthdays

So this might be one of the cutest pictures we have of these two boys so far.  Kayla got this picture of the boys after school one day.  Obviously in deep conversation, figuring out all their five year old situations. ;)
This Brown Bear goes home with a kid from Hudson and Steel's class every weekend.  Hudson's turn! 2.18.17
They shared Brown Bear even though it was Hudson's turn.  Love!  2.18.17
 They met new friends at the park. ;) 2.20.17
 Steel is so silly!  Loves his apples! 2.20.17
 Hudson!  Kayla let him wear her Mickey ears and he went into character. ;) 2.20.17
 Littlest Pet Shop!  This little girl loves all the Littlest Pet Shop sets our sweet friends, The Hammontrees, gave her. ;) 2.25.17
 Cousins and friends by the fireplace. ;)  2.26.17
 CraZy hat day for these two....Steel outdid himself! 2.27.17
 Jaaten was so excited about getting 100% on her spelling test this week.  She has missed one or two for the last several weeks so she was so happy!
 Running Club!  This little girl chose to join running club this year.  She got to school at 7:30a every Monday and Wednesday to run with some of her friends.  She ended up running 27.4 miles!!  Wow! 
 Does she love our hot tub or what?  2.26.17
 Jaaten....so cute with her leg warmers and umbrella when I dropped her off at school. 2.28.17
 HAHAHAHAHA....I hope you can play this video of Steel on the blog.  Fastest chip eating contest....with himself....HAHAHAHA!
 Happy 38th to me! Every time I came in the kitchen Hudson was scraping icing off the cake to eat.  LOL!  3.1.17

And happy 44th to Jaafe the next day!  The kids were so annoyed Dad likes birthday pie instead of birthday cake!  3.2.17 
 Brown Bear is home with Steel now! 3.5.17

 Hudson and Steel's friend Allie, from their class, came over to play Sunday.  She is so good with including both boys when they play. ;)  So cute!  3.5.17

 Haircuts!  TBall starts again and Friday is the first game.  Needed a trim!  3.4.17

 Jaaten and her SnapChat videos....I REALLY hope the blog lets these videos play too!  So funny!  Love her!  3.7.17

Parties & Animals on the Wall ;)

The boys went to their friend, Rucha's, birthday party at Bounce U and had a BLAST!  2.5.17

 Hudson lost the battle midday! 2.9.17
Cousins!  Kleet came over to visit the biys and they were so happy to see him! 2.11.17

Yes, this thing is on our wall!  It never ends...  2.11.17

Jaaten wanted Papa to read to her before she went to bed.  Neither of them made it. ;) 2.11.17

Hudson was "helping" Papa with the project he was doing.  Not sure how much help he actually was but he loved it. ;)  2.11.17

ANOTHER birthday party....it seems like we have one every couple weekends now! 2.11.17

I swear this kid can fall asleep anywhere at any time!  This is Hudson....under the dining room table....completely OUT!  at 6p ;)  2.13.17

Steel!  He looks like a mini Eric Church....for any of my country music listening friends. ;) 2.15.17
 Here is the finished project Papa was working on for me.  Dry erase board on one side and magnet board on the other.  Pinterest NAIL! ;))  Thanks, Dad!  2.16.17