Sunday, February 23, 2014

Parks, Roping and ER Visit

A couple weekends ago Jaaten got to hold this baby pig at a birthday party of one of Jaafe's friends.  Guess who just took a backseat....THE CHICKEN!  But we are not getting a pig!  OR a goat, or a miniature donkey...all of which she has asked for!  This kid!  2.8.14
Valentine's Day!  All three kids were so excited about the balloon they got it made me question why I ever get the rest of the stuff!?!?!  2.14.14
Kolt....this is our baby nephew Kolt River.  Such a cute boy!  Love his "Man of Your Dreams" shirt!  Thanks for the pic Aunt Kiss!
The park....yet again.  If Steel sticks that lip out any further it may fall off!


New favorite pic of boys.  LOVE!  

Jaaten has been doing so great at school so Jaafe spent a good portion of the evening roasting marshmallows with her.  By herself!  She loved it!
President's Day art projects.  Brandi is the best!

Last Sunday Jaafe took Jaaten to a roping with him.  They left at 6a and Jaaten was SO EXCITED!!  The two of them have been hanging out a lot lately and Jaaten is eating it up!  2.16.14 

New Favorite Jaaten Pic!!
Steel pulled my 3-tier perfume rack off the counter in my bathroom.  Not ONE bottle of perfume broke!!  However, Grammie had given me this glass trinket that said "Mom" on it and it shattered.  Steel stepped on a piece of the glass that sliced the underneath of his toe so he and I had a trip to the ER Monday evening.  It bled pretty good but I wasn't sure if it was deep enough to warrant a hospital visit.  I decided if I DIDN'T take him I would obsess about it during wine o'clock anyway!!  They glued it but it opened again the next morning.....not as badly though.  He is as good as new now!  2.17.14

Friday, February 7, 2014

Loving the Outdoors AGAIN this Week!

About a third of the people that look at this blog live in Kansas City or close to it.  Fair warning this blog contains pictures of small children frolicking outdoors while enjoying ice cold slushies, feeding ducks all the while in a light jacket at most in the middle of January.  The weather has been perfect!  My Dad has been sending me pictures of 1' or more of snow from KC!!  I do not miss that. ;) 

Steel's new haircut.  He is always so good for our hair girl. ;)  1.29.14
 Trampoline still going strong with these three!  1.31.14

 Jaaten went with Jaafe to his Grandma Lamb's house last Saturday morning.  Grandma Kellis was making breakfast.  Jaafe said Jaaten ate everything they offered her and a glass of milk and a glass of orange juice.  You would think she doesn't get food at our house.....I guess just not "grandma food".  ;)  2.1.14  
While Jaaten hung out with Jaafe, Hudson and Steel got dirty and harassed that chicken.  Ugh!  2.1.14

 Park 2.2.14

 Park + slushies = Perfect Day for the little people.  2.3.14

Jaaten was all ready to go to Uncle Joe's and see her Grandma Kellis again while she was in town.  2.3.14 

 Jaaten ready for dance!  2.4.14
I love this new Hurley jacket I got for Hudson.  And it was on clearance at Nordstrom Rack for $15 which makes it that much cuter!!  2.5.14
 Not sure why we have bikes in the house....but Hudson dragged this bike into the kitchen and climbed on it like he knew what he was doing.  They are all getting so big!!  2.5.14
 I found this pizza with a bite out of it.  the pizza is FROZEN waiting to be put in the oven.  Jaaten thought it was really funny and said it was good too.  Ugh!  2.5.14
I used to have this little girl who played with dinosaurs and ran in our pasture with a baby cow.  Now I have this little girl that wants to put on makeup and be a princess.  She found this "braided hair" headband in my drawer this morning while I was getting ready for work.  "Rapunzel has one of these so I look just like her" Jaaten tells me.
Brandi made the boys smoothies and took them to the park.  ;)  They play together so good now when it is just the two of them.  2.7.14