Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to School & the Park

Last Thursday I took all 3 kids to the park by myself.  I thought we would go feed the ducks.  The boys would stay in the stroller while Jaaten fed the ducks and then we would find a place by the park (away from the ducks) to sit for a bit.  As I have dreaded, Hudson and Steel ran in 2 different directions.  Thankfully Jaaten listened to me fairly well though.  It wasn't the SMARTEST decision I have ever made for my sake, but the kids had fun!!
Steel was READY for the park.  He held onto that ball the whole ride there. ;))

 Jaaten saw this turtle sitting on the rock right by the water.  She wanted to take it home. ;))

 Jaaten found a couple little girls to play with at the park which I loved!!

Jaaten went back to school last week after winter break.  I usually take her and pick her up from school so she was excited her Dad was taking her this day. ;))
 Just me and the boys for a couple hours while Jaaten was at school.  I still cannot believe there are TWO of them and ONE of me!!!

I have been letting the boys run wild around the house sometimes during the day and they are nothing less than absolutely wild!!  They RUN as fast as their little legs will take them down the halls, around the kitchen and back again yelling to each other the whole time.  This time they had to stop for a drink!!

Horses, Ponies and More Horses!

Jaaten has been really interested in riding the horses and sometimes her pony. ;)) Jaafe has been taking her riding a lot lately which makes Jaaten ask to go even more. Anything to get her off this silly iPad!

 We bought Jaafe a popcorn maker a couple years ago and have never used it.  Jaaten spotted it in the pantry and of course wanted to make popcorn.  She thought it was so cool to see the popcorn pop inside!!

 Steel and Hudson both have really been liking any kind of rocking toy lately.  They will sit on these and rock back and forth forever!!
 Jaaten has NEVER been interested in the rocking toys but she is now that her brothers are....imagine that.  She wanted Hudson to get off the horse but he hung on.  She settled for the reindeer.  ;))

 Loving this silly horse!!!
 Jaaten has pulled out all the ponies once again.  Santa brought her this dollhouse which is apparently a dollhouse for horses and ponies. ;))

Although Jaaten would much rather ride a "big horse" she will settle for Ted sometimes. ;))

 Brandi, our nanny, has been having the boys draw with crayons and markers and they love it!!
 Brandi also has been making smoothies and letting Jaaten help.  Easy way to make friends with Jaaten = let her do it!!

 Love these cute pig tails!!
 Steel and Hudson 1.8.13