Friday, March 23, 2012

Everyone is Growing SO fast!!

I have fallen behind again!! Time gets away from me quick with all these Little People in the house. ;) Hudson and Steel just turned 7 months old on March 21st. I still feel like they are such little tiny babies but they are both almost 20 pounders!! They are starting to be more and more aware of each other laughing and squealing at each other. I love that they grab onto each other and hold hands sometimes. They both seem to get a kick out of Jaaten always buzzing around here with her dinosaurs and ponies acting like a Wild Woman. They watch her run back and forth in the greatroom like they are watching a tennis match. ;) I took these pictures after their bath yesterday.

A few of you have asked to see pictures of the kids' rooms. A huge THANK YOU to my parents for helping me get their rooms together. Grammy has gotten really good at making these super cute memory boards. And Papa, well he hangs everything for me and just about anything else he can do when the Wild Child isn't dragging him around. ;)

Jaafe brought home a baby calf that lost his mama. Jaafe has to feed him bottles of milk every morning and evening. Jaaten really likes going outside with Jaafe so she has loved this. I can't say she's loves actually feeding the calf but she's up for anything that lets her wear these rain boots and will get her dirty. ;) Jaaten named the calf Barney!?!

Jaafe made Kettle Corn tonight which Jaaten loved. Jaaten ate popcorn with Papa once so of course she immediately said, "Papa's corn?" HA! She had to have her own bowl while she played on the iPad.