Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Did She Say??

It is already half way through October and no posts!!  I have been going to bed right after the last child in our house hits the pillow so the blog has suffered a little. ;)  Jaaten is entertaining us with all the new sentences she says!!  I am guessing she is picking up sayings from kids at school.  However, some phrases that come out of her mouth have been embarrassingly familiar....almost like they may have come from my mouth!!

Me:  "Jaaten, please don't hit the boys, they love you."
Jaaten:  "Okay.  Fine.  Whatever!"

Me:  "Did Papa let you pick out your own doughnut?"
Jaaten:  "He sure did!"

Jaaten came to find me right after I put her down for bed the other night:
Jaaten:  "Mom, we need to talk about our costumes."
Me:  "We do?"
Jaaten:  "Yeah, you can be a witch and Dad can be a dragon".
Me:  "Well what are you going to be?"
Jaaten:  "A princess.  Duh!  With my hair and my bracelets."

And maybe the funniest yet...  Jaaten got in trouble for hitting Hudson and had to sit by me and do nothing for a while.  Right after I made her sit down by me she said, "Mom, you should be a sea witch for Halloween."  HA!  I guess I am mean and scary.  ;)

The boys are both walking pretty well now too.  They would follow Jaaten everywhere she went if they could!!
Jaaten got a new big girl bed!!  She loved helping her Dad take her toddler bed apart and kept telling us she was getting a Big Girl Bed. ;)  She had been waking up a lot in the middle of the night telling me she was uncomfortable.  I have not decided what to do for her bed yet.  In the meantime, she loves this queen mattress all to herself!!

Before school September 27th.  Definitely picked up sticking out her tongue from school!!  Ugh!!
Hudson & Steel
Steel & Hudson
Steel is due for his first hair cut.  To be continued...

Hudson still gets breathing treatments but only as needed.  He has been doing really well though. ;)

Jaaten was SO excited to go pick up her Grammie & Papa from the airport!!

Jaafe was kicking the soccer ball back and forth with Jaaten and the boys could not get enough!!  They sat and stared at them for what seemed like an eternity for one year old boys. ;)  The pictures were a little dark but it was so funny I had to post them. ;)