Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kayla to Victoria, These Three!

We are so sad she is leaving but so happy we have Victoria to love our kids now too!  Yes, our sweet sitter, Kayla, has an online jewelry business (Olive Avenue Jewelry) that has recently exploded on her which requires more time from her.  Kayla LOVES our three little people more perfectly than we could have imagined someone outside our family loving our kids.  We are so grateful for her and the kids absolutely adore her.  Anyone that knows me knows finding a nanny for our kids is the WORST piece of being a Mom for me.  I'm not sure how we got so lucky this time but Kayla found a new nanny for us!  Woohoo!  Victoria is Kayla's dear friend (which I love even more) so Victoria has been spending days with Kayla and the kids to get to know them, learn the routine, school pick ups, homework, etc.  The kids seem to really like Victoria already which takes a ton of stress off me.  AND Victoria's schedule works with our new schedule next year with the kids all being in school all day.  Every year when the kids start school, I question if I should be working full time and stress about it until about Thanksgiving.  This year is the first time it isn't worse.  I still question my work situation but the stress is eerily low.  I'll take it. ;)

Victoria took the boys to their fave train park for their fist outing without Kayla.  Good move, Victoria! 5.12.17

 HAHAHA....SnapChat had a new horse face.....I sent it to Kayla to show Jaaten because I knew she would love it.  And I got it right back plus two.  LOL 5.20.17

They like Costco.....a lot! 5.16.17

The boys love to be right next to each other.  And Steel is a footrest for Jaaten. 5.20.17

 My littles love to swim!! 5.20.17

 Finished his ChikFilet nuggets...wanted Kayla to send me proof!  HA 5.20.17
Another Sunday at the beach with Dad. 5.21.17

This one thinks he is super cool!  And not just here in this instance....everyday, all the day, thinks he is the coolest. ;)  5.22.17
Dropping kids at school. 5.23.17
 Allie.  These sweet girl is in the boys' class this year and she loves them both!  And you can tell they love her!  So cute!  5.23.17

Love Being Their Mom

Jaaten had a "Mommy Makeover" night we went to...Hahahahaha!  I will say, the moms of the boys at the Mommy Makeover left the winners.  Most boys just went for a full face of costume makeup such as a monster, clown, etc instead of actual daily make up.  So next year should be really fun! 5.11.17

 Jaaten ALMOST has her chin up pull over to be able to move to the next level in gymnastics.  Love that she tries so hard here. 5.12.17
 The kids wanted to sing Kayla Happy Birthday.  Then Steel wanted to make a video of just him singing.  HA!  Hudson got a finale in on him though.  They are so funny! 5.13.17 
 Steel....and then Hudson....LOL  5.13.17
 This one!  Will they ever want to wear clothes?!?!  5.14.17
 Every year I think Mother's Day cannot get any better and it just does every year!  I love seeing the Mother's Day crafts the kids do at school.  The kids said the funniest things about me this year in their little questionnaires.  Ha! 5.14.17

 These two cannot get enough of each other lately.  It makes us smile!! 5.14.17
 So this year on Mother's Day we went to Uncle Joe and Aunt Kim's new community pool AKA The Beach.  Kids love it!  They still asked to go to California though. ;/  5.14.17

 Fidget spinners!  You know you have a little person in elementary when all three kids start asking for the latest and greatest in gadgets before I even see them on the news. We caved. 5.14.17

Austin, Sunsplash & Check Ups!

Kayla caught these two hanging out at a party with Kayla's family.  They are absolutely best friends! 4.29.17
 Jaafe and I went to Austin, TX with a few friends for our friend Greg's 40th birthday.  So fun!  5.4.17

 Kayla and her friend, Victoria, took the kids to Sunsplash (waterpark in AZ) while we were in Austin.  They even let Jaaten take a friend. They had a blast! 5.6.17


  These two cuties sit up on my vanity and watch me get ready a mornings!  Love! 5.10.17
 All three of the kids had their Well Visit Checks together with Dr. Jax.  The boys had to get their kindergarten shots though.....they were NOT happy!  I have no visual reminders of that part though. ;) They are all getting so big!  5.11.17