Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bed Finished, Headed to Grammie and Papa's!

The bed is finished!!  I will post more pictures as we get the bed and playhouse decorated but here are a couple.  Papa is the best!!

 After the bed was done, Jaaten flew back to Missouri to stay with Grammie and Papa for the last week of her Fall Break.  These were the first pictures I got from them.  Turtles, worms and feeding the fish.  Doesn't get much better for this little girl.  These kids are so lucky to have such a great Grammie and Papa.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  Love you guys!  xoxo

 MEANWHILE BACK in AZ......these two were wild!!  It was so interesting to see how differently Hudson and Steel play and talk with each other when it is just the two of them.  They are both such BOYS!!
 Hudson picked up where Jaaten left off with that chicken...uuuggghhh!
 The boys made this Halloween pumpkin with Brandi the day Jaaten left. 10.8.13

 Hudson is always so smiley!! 10.10.13

 Art projects are their favorite!! 10.11.13

 The chicken will NOT go home!!
 Back to the park!  10.14.13

And again... 10.15.13

Busy Little People

October started with Papa coming out to AZ for a week and Jaaten on Fall Break for two weeks.  The weather has been so nice and Jaaten, Hudson & Steel love being outside!
I had to post this first picture of Steel's bed head on the way to get Papa from the airport.  I had to wake him up from a nap....this kid has HAIR!! 10.2.13
 Grammie sent a couple suitcases full of stuff for the kids (AS USUAL) ans this was Steel's favorite.  Well for two minutes....until he saw the next toy she sent. ;)  10.2.13
 This dress was Jaaten's favorite thing out of the suitcases.  She wanted her Papa to dance with her. <3 nbsp="" p="">
 These kiddos love to do anything that makes a mess!!  10.5.13

 Papa and I took the kids to a children's museum in Mesa.  The all loved it!!  10.4.13

 This dry erase wall worried me....I was for sure the kids would come home and want to draw on MY walls!  Thankfully they didn't....YET!
 They had a quick story time at the museum.  Steel wasn't ready to leave when the book was done I guess. ;)
 Hudson and Steel loved the blocks.  The boys are so rough with each other when they get going.  I'm glad they didn't jump on the kids we didn't know like they were jumping on one another!

 Jaaten was trying to put on a little puppet show for Steel....
 But he wasn't going for it!

 SO cute!!  I want a piano like this.  The boys both sat and pounded on those keys for a while!
 Papa made grilled cheese sandwiches and Jaaten wouldn't eat hers until he sat down and ate his with her.  Jaaten LOVES her Papa!!  10.5.13
 I bought Jaaten a snowcone maker a while ago and hadn't used it yet.  Papa broke it out!  10.6.13

 Hudson falls asleep sometimes during reading time before their nap. 10.6.13
 Not Steel...
 Steel 10.7.13
 Hudson 10.7.13
 Papa was trying to get Jaaten's new bed finished the day before he left.  I had to work so Brandi took them to the park and then for yogurt again. 10.7.13