Monday, May 28, 2012

KC - Grammy & Papa's House

Jaafe and I took Jaaten, Hudson and Steel to my parent's house (Grammy & Papa's) in Missouri for Mother's Day for a week!  The kids were actually better on the airplane than we anticipated for the most part.  Things got a little crazy every now and again but no biggie.  Everyone in the airport and on the airplane were really nice and quick to offer their help once they saw twins!!  Of course that would involve strangers actually touching my kids so most offers were nicely declined.  ;)  HA!

Steel at Grammy and Papa's
Hudson at Grammy and Papa's
First thing Jaaten did when we got to Grammy and Papa's was go outside to see all the new stuff!  I'm sure many flowers were lost that day.  ;)  She also found this box turtle which she thought was the CAT's MEOW!!  I wish I had a video of how excited she was when she came back up to the house to tell me, "Look!  Come see the turtle, Mom!"  So cute!
Jaafe and Papa took Jaaten down to their farm to fish a couple days into our trip.  Jaafe did all the picture taking!  Jaaten has no fear of getting dirty! 
Papa goes to a local diner a lot when he is out at the farm.  They stopped at the diner on their way back from fishing.  You can see Jaaten has talked her Papa and /or her Dad into getting not ONE but TWO ice creams!!  I text Jaafe when he was at the diner and asked how it was going.  His text back said, "I don't think they will be asking your Dad to bring his granddaughter back to the diner anytime soon!"  Ha! I did not dare ask why!!
This was Jaaten on the drive home from the farm!  Papa said at one point he looked over at Jaafe and he looked about the picture though I guess!
Jaafe, Jaaten and I went to Lake Lotawana to see my good friend Zach, his wife Katie and their sweet baby girl Violet.  Zach took Jaafe and Jaaten for a boat ride.  Boat + Jaaten = LOVE. ;)  Thank you for everything, Zach & Katie!!  We had a GREAT time!

NOW WE ARE HOME!!  I gave Hudson and Steel one of Jaaten's old baby toys.  Of course it was totally new to them so they LOVED it!!  It makes noise, has moving parts....what more could they ask for!!

Jaaten and I went to lunch the other day.  I told her to smile so we could take a picture to send Grammy and Papa.  This is what I got...

Catching Up on the Pics!

These pictures were also taken before we went to KC.  I am just getting caught up people!  Jaaten is never excited about having her picture taken.  Can you tell?!?!?
Steel will crawl anytime now...
Hudson and Stell May 9th, 2012!

 Jaaten has this LOVE of picking all my flowers in the front yard and then pulling the petals off one by one. I do not care for this hobby of hers! ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ready for the Pool!

These pictures are from just before we took a trip to KC this month.  Jaaten finally got to swim after asking a zillion times over the winter!

Steel & Hudson - 8 Months!