Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So this little rubber mouse has no head!  Hudson tore the head into small pieces and shoved the the pieces in not one but BOTH of his ears last week!!  The pediatrician tried to flush the pieces out with a water pick type machine to no avail.  Off to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor we went.  The ENT pulled the rubber pieces out in less than 30 seconds.  I could not believe how BIG the pieces were!!  I almost fainted!!  10.27.14  
 It was Just Steel and Brandi at the park when Hudson was at the doctor and Jaaten was at school.  10.27.14
These two!

Jaaten looked so cute for school Monday she wanted me to take her picture. ;))  11.3.14
Jaaten has been asking me for over a week to get her ears pierced....so last night we did it!!  Honestly, I thought we would get there and she would change her mind.  I don't know when I will get it through my head how fearless this girl is!!  They did ONE EAR AT A TIME.....Not one tear!!  She is so awesome!!  11.4.14

 We walked through the Disney Store on our way out....the boys WANTED that Sofia figurine set!!
 Park Life  11.4.14

Halloween 2014

Jaaten originally wanted to be Elsa from Frozen for Halloween...which I expected. THEN she started watching the movie Rio and decided she wanted to be the big blue GIRL bird in the movie named Jewel.  So she was Jewel....for one party at least.  I loved it!!  10.25.14
All three kids went to get the flu mist last week.  Jaaten HAD to wear her costume!!  ;)  10.30.14
These two boys are always trying to break something in our house.  I guess this chair is next.  

Jaaten had a Halloween party at school with a fun photo booth set up.  So cute!  10.31.14

We have been trying ALL month to get the boys interested in dressing up for Halloween!  We have tried a dinosaur, a cow, a dog, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, a parrot and a monster.  Nothing!  In fact, Hudson and Steel both get so mad when I tried to put any costumes on them!  So we settled on Halloween pjs...and we all spray painted our hair.  Jaaten's idea of course!  AND Jaaten went back to Elsa...but a with blue, sparkly hair. Love her! 10.31.14

These are our fun friends, Matt & Rebecca and their boys. ;))  Love!

Hudson was double-fisted with candy most of the night!
Way more candy than we needed. ;))  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tooth Fairies & Carrots ;)

October flew by...and Thanksgiving will be here and gone before we know it!  This little girl lost her first tooth in September AND her second tooth in October.  

She was excited to leave her tooth for the tooth fairy.  ;)  10.12.14
 A couple weeks ago the boys and I went to this little park up the street from our house after we dropped Jaaten off at school.  They love to look at the SNAKES in the little learning center by the park.  Ugh!  10.15.14
 I started buying carrots because the kids are always trying to feed the horses random things.  Too bad three of the five horses don't like carrots!  10.16.14

 Jaaten's calls made pet rocks...and the rock ended up with the same name as the chicken. ;/  This girl!
 Last week we dropped Jaaten off at school....
  ...and then we walked down our street to the pasture to feed carrots to the other horses.  The boys loved it!  Couldn't get there fast enough.  10.22.14

 We have had SUCH nice weather lately and it is only getting nicer!  We are lucky to have so many parks close to the house.  10.24.14