Saturday, August 30, 2014

Birthday Party & Horses

We had a birthday party for the boys the Sunday after their birthday.  Hudson tried to talk to the minion cake IN MINION which I really wish I had on video.  So funny!!  I think he actually thought the cake was a real minion which was the best part!  8.24.14

The SnoShack stopped by too!  My kids LOVE snowcones!!  And it is super easy and not expensive. Love!

After the boys' party, we went to a Cardinals preseason game with my soon to be new sister-in-law, Kim and Jaafe's brother, Joe.  I would love to go to more games if it wasn't so far away!
Steel and Hudson got this racetrack from our friends Bryan, Berry and John David.  All three kids loved it!!  In fact, they have been playing with it everyday since the party!
Jaaten got a big girl horse!  Jaaten had told me she was over our pony, Frannie!  Huh?!?!  I told her she was too young to be "over" anything!  She kept telling her Dad she needed a big horse to be a cowgirl.  He caved.   I was really nervous about Jaafe getting her a big horse but this horse seems to be just what she wanted and we were hoping for.  Jaaten named him Journey (no clue where that came from) and she wakes up asking to ride him....everyday!  And Jaafe has been really great about taking her everyday. ;)  Last Saturday, Jaafe and Jaaten took journey to Jaafe's friend Justin's house to ride with his little girls.  There is no better way for a little girl to learn how to ride a horse than from other little girls.  Jaaten said she had so much fun!  Justin told Jaaten she is THE BOSS of that horse when she is on him.  Jaaten has been eating that up ever since!  She made sure she told all of us, especially her brothers, she is the boss because Justin said so!  Ha!!  She looks so small up on that horse!!  Jaaten is the little girl on the sorrel (brown) horse in the pictures. 

Boys are 3!!

Jaafe is back!!  And lucky me....he dragged another dead animal home with him!  ;/  Jaafe was in Alaska for almost 3 weeks this trip!  The kids starting asking where he was and when he would be back about a week in.  We really missed him this time.  ;))

Hudson and Steel found this keyboard in the back of the closet once again!  I love when they play together.  This thing is LOUD though!  8.20.14

So Jaaten LOVES mermaids!!  My sister-in-law sent me a link to a company that sells these mermaid tails.  Who knew!!  Thanks Aunt Kiss!!  She loves it!  AND she can totally swim in it!! 8.20.14
Steel and Hudson's 3rd birthday was August 21st.  Grammie and Papa were in town so we all went to Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale.  It was really cool.  The kids loved it but it was hard to get a 5 year old girl and TWO 3 year old boys to not TOUCH, CATCH or STEP ON the butterflies while we were in the garden!  Before you enter the auditorium full of live butterflies you can see all the chrysalis formations.  8.21.14
I text Jaafe a picture of the largest moths they had there and he thought they were bats.  They were really big I guess.  ;)

This is Steel listening to the "guide" and waiting right next to the door to the garden to be the FIRST one in!!

They had tons of other creatures to look at too.  Bee hive, ant farm, scorpions with a black light, tarantulas, fish.  There are plans for an aquarium too.  Guess we will be making the trek up to Scottsdale a little more often. ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wedding, Doctor and Art

Steel and Jaaten at the park.  8.1.14
 Art projects...

 Jaaten and I went to a wedding last Friday.  I asked Brandi to have her try on a couple dresses that day to see if they fit.  This one fit AND she liked it!  More than I had hoped for. ;)  8.8.14

 Jaaten LOVED the ice cream bar and the juice bar!!
 The tables at the wedding each had an AMAZING flower arrangement in the center.  Of course,  Jaaten wanted a flower from one of them and I of course said no.  Jaaten found Tina.  Sure enough Tina plucked a huge rose right from table and gave it to Jaaten.  Jaaten just wanted to give it to the bride though. ;)) 

 And then Jaaten found this older boy to dance with her!  HA!  8.8.14
 The boys have a new wake time of....5:15AM!!!  Ugh!!  I woke up to the sound of laughing little boys in the great room and this is what I found.....almost 3 year old boys falling backwards in their chairs and giggling.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of them laying on their backs in the chairs.  So cute!  8.10.14
 More art projects!

 Best picture I have of all three!  
 Hudson had to go see the ENT last week to see if he should get his adenoids out.  BUT, he can keep 'em.  Hudson loves going to the doctor and usually is really good and talks up a storm!!  This visit was no different. ;)  8.13.14

 Steel was the only kiddo that wanted to do another art project. ;)  Love him!
 The boys got these new twin beds and they think they are so big!  I will take better pictures once their room is done.  Jaafe has been in Alaska for the last couple weeks.  I was trying to get the boys to give thumbs up in this picture to send Jaafe. ;)