Sunday, July 29, 2012

San Diego - Week 2

Who knew so many people visit San Diego in the summer that one needs to book a beach house almost a year in advance to get the days and location you prefer?!?  We booked only a few months in advance (which I thought I was so smart for planning so early) SOOOO, we moved to a new beach house for the rest of our stay.  The house is great...great backyard, games for Jaaten, CLOSE to beach but not on the sand. ;(

Jaaten on the couch of the new place as soon as we get there...."I need to watch a movie!" : /
We went to the Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla our first day.  Jaaten has really been into fish and reptiles lately.  ; / 
We have a new nanny!!  Shannon was so sweet to come to San Diego with us on such late notice.  Jaaten LOVES new friends. ;)
Shannon sent me these pictures of the boys the first day she took care of them for me. ;)  I was glad they were being nice to her!!  ;)
The backyard of this new house has been great for Jaaten.  The owners left tons of toys.  It has a grass area big enough to run around and not to mention the chickens.  Yes, chickens!!
 We went to the Safari Park on Tuesday last week.  It really was not too much different from the zoo....I didn't think so anyway.  It was fun though. ;)
 We were trying to get Jaaten to put her face in the little bat hole...she never came!
 Jaafe didn't go to the SD Zoo with us the week before so I think Jaaten was really excited to have her Dad here.  ;)  Cute!
What is a day at a park without getting your face painted....again!!
 Just before we left the park, Jaaten spotted this carousel.  She picked this animal first which I thought was fitting because we had just seen him live.  BUT....
 ...then she spotted "Dad's Deer"!  And had to switch...
 We went inside the gift shop before we left thinking I would get Jaaten a cute stuffed animal.  We left with 2 more lizards!!
 Grammy is a dedicated Farmviller and Jaaten really likes to look at all the animals and other things she collected on her farm.
 Jaafe and his Mini Me, Steel. ;)
 Hudson and Steel
Ashlee, one of our friends in SD, introduced me to some super great girls here a couple years ago.  We met up for drinks at this great bar on the water.  I'm not sure how long it has been since I have been able to get out of the house to meet just girls out so this was great. ;)
 I bought this sprinkler for Jaaten just before we left for California.  For some reason she likes to be Nakie Baby when she runs through it. ; /
 Jaafe and I met up with a girlfriend of mine from college at George's which is a great place for food and drinks on the water in La Jolla.  We actually met up with two different friends of mine from college and took NO PICTURES....ugh!!  So, Jaafe and my picture made the cut to the blog. ;)
 Jaafe and I have not been able to get out in the evenings too much lately either.  Saturday evening our friends Jarrod and Ashlee took us to dinner downtown.  We stopped at the Marriott for drinks on the rooftop first.  It was a blast!  Love you guys. ; ) 
This was taken just before we left for dinner...these boys are HUGE!!  Their first birthday is coming up next month already!! Wow!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

San Diego 2012 - Week 1

We left for San Diego on Saturday.  It was 10:30a before we were on the road which didn't put us at the beach house until after 6p.  Boo!  Jaaten didn't care....she got her beach toys and said, "Mom, I need to play in the sand."  First order of business, dinosaurs to the water!!
 The boys seemed to love being outside in the stroller.  AZ has been so HOT so not much outside stroller time lately!!
 Hudson ;)
  Steel ;)
We walked to a local coffee shop the first morning at the beach.  Jaaten could not wait to get in that ocean!!
 This was the first ride the boys took in the bike trailer.  They didn't know what to think at first.  Better pictures of their faces later. ;)

 First day in a swimsuit ready to swim in the ocean. ;)
Steel & Hudson July 15th.

 Jaafe had a beach bonfire set up one of the first couple nights we were here.  Our place was right on the sand on the bay so Jaaten loved running around on the boardwalk with her popsicles in the evenings. ;)
 I think the boys liked watching her run around wild as much as she liked doing it!!
The home next to our rental was owned by a local family that uses their beach home throughout the year on weekends and summers.  They were a young couple with young kiddos and they celebrated a birthday party while we were there.  The Mom offered Jaaten a piece of the cake.....Jaaten dropped her popsicle (seen in previous pictures) on the spot and said, "Sure, I will have cake."  We don't keep sweets in our house so I am guessing that may contribute to her obsession with sweets!! 
Our great friends Jarrod and Ashlee and their cute baby Braxton live in SD so they came over for the beach bonfire too. ;)
Hudson didn't last long at the bonfire...super tired!!
Another beach day..
 Jaaten LOVES her cousin, Tiffany!!  Tif totally plays with her! Tif just graduated high school in May and Grammy brought her to SD as a graduation gift. ;)
 TIRED boy!!  Hudson never falls asleep on me so I had to document it!!
 Jaaten was feeling left out of the stroller rides...
We have been to SeaWorld again...forgot my camera....and the San Diego Zoo so far. ;)
The Wild One asked me to get her face painted a dozen times.  I kind of ignored the request the first couple times because I never thought she would sit through it.  My the time we were leaving the zoo, Jaaten had not forgotten so we did it!  She did great!

Making the decision...

 Jaaten on the ride home from the zoo...  ;)  It was a good day!
We packed up and went to the ocean side one day...not quite the same as the bay side.  Jaaten LOVED the waves!!
Back at the house...HAD to bring the playpen!!