Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

We went to Kansas City to visit my family for Easter this year. It was Jaaten's 1st Easter Egg Hunt and she meant business!! It seemed so funny to me because she hasn't seen an Easter Egg Hunt before but she knew just what to do!! Her basket was completely full in less than 10 minutes. Although she collected all those eggs as if she knew the reward would be all the candy, she wasn't even interested in what was inside the eggs after she collected them. Too funny!

The Easter Bunny brought all the good stuff to Grammie and Papa's house too in a HUGE Easter basket.

Since Jaaten is still under 2, we did not buy her a plane ticket. She sat on our laps on the way to Kansas City. On the plane ride back to AZ, we got lucky and were able to have an entire row to ourselves. Jaaten thought she was SO big sitting in her own seat with her seat belt on....

We played a DVD for her which she REALLY got into.......SO into that I think she forgot she sucks her thumb (which is bad enough!) and started sucking her big toe!! Uuuuuuuugh!!

These were some pictures Abbey took before we left for our Easter trip. Jaaten LOVES these green fairy shoes!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From the Zoo to Sick

Jaafe and I took Jaaten to the Phoenix Zoo on Monday! She loved it but wanted to get IN the enclosures with all the animals!! On the way out, I bought a frozen lemonade. Jaaten has been learning how to drink out of a straw. We have been letting her practice with water. Who knew she would MASTER this skill in seconds with a little frozen lemonade! She drank her heart out all the way home!!

We took Jaaten to dinner with us last Friday night when we met some friends at a pizza place. I should have known from this picture we took on the way to the restaurant how tired this Little Girl really was........we won't be dining out with this little gal again anytime soon!
We pulled out yet another group of the clothes and shoes Aunt Shorty gave us! These Disney Fairy shoes were the absolute favorite of the whole bunch! Jaaten wore them for 2 days straight.....

Jaaten got a new suit this week too! Costco had super cute swimsuit sets and we couldn't resist!

Jaaten and Jaafe are BOTH sick today! Lucky me! The jury is out on who is the bigger whiner when they are sick. ;) Love ya, Jaafe! ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Terrible Twos are Already Here!!

"Do you know what your little girl is doing?" Jaafe asked when he came in the door yesterday. Jaaten had gotten in the pool bath closet and found the stash of goggles. I knew exactly what she was doing but it kept her quiet. Battles people......Pick Em!!

Jaaten is getting so big....she even helps take out her own bag of nasty diapers to the trash barrel. ;)
These pictures are from the park a couple weeks ago but never made it to the blog. I thought I would include them this time because I love her little outfit.

Abbey's Mom sent out Abbey's kitchen set from when she was little from California (so sweet). Abbey has it set up at her house for Jaaten to play with if they are there. Of course Jaaten loves it!

Sooooo the weather was starting to get warmer last week and Abbey heard about a new park close to our house to take Jaaten to play. This park has a splash pad right next to the playground area. Abbey said she tried to convince Jaaten to just "watch" the kids in the water for about 15 such luck with this little water baby....dress and all!!

A couple days later Abbey went back to the park prepared with the bikini. ;)

Today is a little cooler so no splash pad. It is supposed to rain tomorrow with a high of 64° so maybe an inside day tomorrow. Jaaten is getting in the dreaded Terrible Twos a little early so I feel for Abbey. Jaaten is an ANGEL outside but once you go inside the "other" Jaaten visits!!

Still wearing these silly ears....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Early Easter & The Horse

Jaaten and I went to Target this week. Jaaten spotted these Easter Bunny Ears RIGHT when we walked in the door. We had to get 'em.... She wore them all the way home and wanted to nap with them! ;)
Jaaten really likes her pones but she LOVES her Daddy's big roping horse. Jaafe seemed really proud while Jaaten played with that rope while she sat up on that big 'ol pony. ;)