Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Eggs & Outside

Steel found this necklace after he got out of the bathtub.  Jaafe will love this picture. ;)) 4.14.14
 Park...sand....again!  4.14.14

 I sat down on the couch after work and started eating an apple....and the Little People came!!  Steel finished that whole thing too!  4.14.14
 I'm not sure what it is about my laundry baskets but the boys LOVE them!  4.15.14
 I love getting the boys new shoes.  4.15.14
 Jaaten got in the car when I picked her up from school Wednesday and said, "Mom, where's my carseat?"  Oops!!  Jaaten said, "That's okay, I'm big.  I'll just sit in this seat."  Great.  4.15.14
Favorite picture!!  4.15.14
 Steel....this is how I find this kid eating at my bartop....always!  4.17.14

 Jaaten asks to give our dog, Ruger, a bath every day we are outside.  Brandi caved Friday. ;))  4.17.14

 Steel asked me for sunglasses the other day when we were playing outside because it was too bright.  He put them on top of his head as soon as I gave them to him  ???  And left them there the whole time.  4.17.14
 We colored Easter eggs yesterday.  Hudson had ZERO interest so he didn't even come outside to do it with us.  Steel broke almost every egg....AND Jaaten got mad every time.  Sounds fun, huh?!?!?  4.18.14

 Jaaten and I went to get mani/pedis yesterday.  I wish I had a video of Jaaten when the Frozen song came on at the salon.  Singing as loud as she could and dancing in her chair as this poor lady is trying to paint her toes.  HA!  Every Mama in there understood!  4.18.14
 Jaaten went to a roping last night with Jaafe.  She LOVES hanging out with her Daddy lately. ;)  4.18.14
Hudson and Steel went to the park today with Brandi while I worked.  Jaaten wanted to run errands with her Dad instead of the park. ;))  4.19.14

Monday, April 14, 2014

Disney on Ice & A Ropin'

We have been on butterfly watch at our house....these things are a little gross to me. ;/  4.8.14

 Hudson 4.8.14
 I love when they all three play together and don't is rare but my absolute favorite. 4.9.14
 These boys cannot get enough of Jaafe in the evenings!  4.9.14

 It was 98 degrees here last Wednesday.  Jaaten talked me into letting them get in the pool.  The water must have been really cold because it took Jaaten's breath away when she went underwater.  She said it wasn't cold though. ;)  4.10.14

We got the kids all ready Thursday evening after they all got up from their naps and told them we were going to a friends house.  4.10.14

 Driving to Phoenix...
 We really had tickets to Disney on Ice....

Jaaten was so excited she could hardly wait for the show to start once she realized where we were.  The boys loved it for the FIRST 20 was pretty much downhill from there for Jaafe and I.  A really STEEP, BUMPY hill!!  But we made it home by 9:30p....and we all survived, even the kids!  They were lucky!
Jaafe told Jaaten he was taking her to a roping for the weekend at the beginning of the week.  Of course that is all she talked about for the last 4 days.  She had this rope in her hand Friday before school telling me how fun the roping would be. ;)) 4.11.14
The boys acted like the didn't care she was leaving but they asked where she was every day she was gone. ;))
Jaaten in Dad's truck headed out for the weekend. ;)

There was a pool at the place they were staying.  They swam until 11p the night they got there.  I'm sure she was in heaven!
Jaaten looks like a different child when she is with her Daddy. ;))  Jaafe has mastered the ponytail!
Jimmy's little guy, Travis, was with them too. ;)

And of course the first butterfly came out when Jaaten was gone...  4.12.14