Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hudson & Steel Turn 5!

On August 21st, our sweet, fun, silly, funny, wild twins turned five years old.  I don't think Jaafe or I or Jaaten for that matter ever really knew what we were in for with these two boys coming into our lives.  Hudson and Steel have both grown leaps and bounds this year.  Fingers crossed they are ready for kinder next year. ;)

Hudson is so smart, sweet and stubborn!  All in one.  ;)  His pre-k teacher already told me this year, "Hudson really digs his heels in sometimes."  What a great description!  LOL! Hudson loves to tote all his toys of the moment around in a bag AND sleep withe them. He still loves mac-n-cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt smoothies, club crackers and apple juice.  Not much expansion in the food department by either of the boys this year.

Steel is our witty, sweet, lovey, deal maker. ;)  Steel's teacher told us Steel was the first kid in her classes this year to tell her he loved her.  Totally like him!  Steel loves all his little toys also.  He loves to have them act out scenes with each other and take them outside, to the car, in the bath and then to bed. Ha!  Steel still is a corndog and BBQ chip junkie!  He loves apples, salt-n-pepper pistachios too.  These two could not be any different! 

Happy Birthday, Hudson & Steel!  We love you! xoxo

 FIVE YEARS OLD!  We played with all the new toys for a good part of the day.  We took the kids to Toys R US (which we NEVER do) to pick out one gift each.  I remember when I was little it was great getting birthday gifts but it was AWESOME to pick what I wanted from a toy store.  They both picked BIG toys and of course I forgot to get a picture at the store. Agh!!  8.21.16

 Right before the kids went to bed, we lit a wishing lantern and let it go from the backyard.  It was so cool and the kids loved it. ;)
 Loving his Paw Patrol toys. ;) 8.22.16

Friends, Baseball & Snapchat

Jaaten and her friends Aubrey & Taylor. ;)
 The boys love their new Cubs hats. ;)  7.30.16
 Love them. 8.1.16
Hudson & Steel are signed up to play baseball in September.  It should be interesting! Every time Jaaten does something on a team the boys say they want to be on a team.  Now we signed them up and they don't ever want to play.  Doesn't everyone have a baseball net in their house!  It is too hot to practice outside!  8.3.16

 Snapchat has become a big source of comedy in our house lately. Thank you to my friend Jess for showing the kids SnapChat!  LOL!  Steel thought having a beard like Dad was SO funny! 8.10.16

 And then the silly faces....8.12.16
 And then there is the Face Swap!!  Whoa!  So the first two pictures are of Jaafe and Steel's faces swapped.  LOL!  There are no words!

 The next two pictures are of Jaaten and my faces swapped.  LOL!

 Steel and Jaaten's faces swapped.  So funny! And a little disturbing!  Ha!
 These two!
 Grammie got this silly glasses for Hudson and he LOVES them!  Ha!  8.16.16

First Day of School - 1st Grade & Pre-K

Jaaten's first day of 1st Grade and the boys first day of 5/day week preschool.  They are so excited!  We drop the boys first at 8a and then drop Jaaten at her school down the road at 8:15a.  Next year they will all be at the same school!  7.25.16

 Jaafe and I went to Chicago on a work trip for Jaafe during the first week of school.  Grammie and Papa helped us AGAIN!  This flamingo was in the window of one of the gift shops I passed.  Jaaten would've loved that thing!  7.28.16
 AND we went to a baseball game. ;)  7.29.16