Saturday, March 5, 2016

Jaaten - Growing So Fast!

Jaaten received $1 in the mail from her Grammie and her Grandma Kellis for Valentine's Day.  She wanted to go to the Dollar Store where she can "get more toys for her money". OH GREAT!!  2.18.16
 Jaaten had her friend Alex over a couple Saturdays ago.  Of course they wanted to get out the play-doh! ;)))  Such sweet girls!  2.20.16
 Jaaten got yet another pink slip for getting an E on her spelling and phonogram test.....and on Pajama Day!  This time she wanted a picture!  Ha!  2.25.16
 And the dance outfit!!  Jaaten siad she wanted to pick out her own dance outfit last week.  This is what she came up with....I'm not ready for these dance clothes.  And Jaafe FOR SURE was not ready!  She is killing me with the pearls too!  Interestingly enough, she is one of the girls in her dance class with the MOST clothes on!!  Aaaaaggggggghhhhh!!  2.25.16
 The Fun Run. Jaaten had a Boosterathon Fun Run at school to raise money for their school.  And she HAD to wear a big puffy tutu skirt to the actual race.  I love this kid!  Kindergarten ended up raising the most money over all the other grades.  I have come to the conclusion the kindergarten parents give the most money because we are new and don't know any better. ;)))  2.26.16. 

 And then there was CAREER Day at school for Spirit Week.  The kids could dress up as whatever they wanted to be when they grow up.  Jaaten said most of the kids were doctors, teachers, veterinarians....and she was a POPSTAR!  LOVE!  She was bummed she had to wear tennis shoes for PE that day with her POPSTAR outfit though.  Ha!  2.29.16

Friday, March 4, 2016

Two Surgeries in One Week

Hudson and Steel both needed surgery on two totally different things.  Steel needed eye surgery and Hudson needed to get his tonsils and adenoids removed as well as get tubes put in his ears.  Somehow the timing of the two surgeries landed close together.  So close they were in the same week!!!  Jaafe leaves every week to go up north for work for 2-3 days depending on the week.  I thought it would be a good idea to schedule the both boys' surgeries in the same week so he would only have to skip going up north for one week.  Not the best idea I have ever had but it worked out.  For the most part...

Steel is up first.  So Steel has been wearing a patch over his "good" eye for the last few months to strengthen his vision in his less good eye. ;) The second part of the treatment to help his eye was to operate on the teeny tiny muscle that we have in the whites of our eyes. On February 16th, Jaafe and I took Steel to Phoenix Children's surgery center at 6a which was delightful in itself.  Long story short, Steel did great, me not so well.  The surgery only took about 25 minutes so we waited in the waiting room.  When they took us back to see Steel he was asleep.  The nurse let him sleep while she gave us instructions on how to care for his eye.  UGH!!.  Then she woke him up!  I took one look at his eye and started to feel a little queezy.  I turned sheet white and had to lay down ON THE RECOVERY ROOM floor.  Mom award over here!  It took me about 10 minutes to pull my $hit together and THEN they made me leave in a wheelchair.  Apparently I was not prepared for the way his eye would look coming out of surgery.  Looking back, I'm not sure what I was expecting though.  So fair warning....prepare yourself.  Agh!

The good news is the surgery worked!!  Steel's eye is straight and his vision is equal in both eyes right now. ;)  

 And they made him wear purple jams...he was not a happy camper!

 First pictures at home after surgery 2.16.16

 Next day 2.17.16

 Two days after surgery 2.18.16
 Check up following week.  My reputation proceeded me though...the doctor had heard of my incident and laughed.  Nice!  2.24.16

NEXT UP - Hudson Roper

Hudson has had strep and ear infections so many times over the last couple years the ENT thought it was time to remove his tonsils and adenoids as well as put tubes in his ears.  I was initially dreading this surgery much more than Steel's eye surgery.  I had just heard so many people tell me how painful it is and I was so sad for Hudson.  On February 19th Jaafe and I both took Hudson to the surgery center at 6:15a.  Clearly I was not capable of taking my child to a surgery by myself!  ;)))  Hudson had a really hard time waking up from surgery.  The recovery nurse asked me to climb in bed with Hudson to calm him a little while he was coming out of the anesthesia.  That was really sad.  After that, Hudson was eating macaroni by that evening!  Sheesh!  And I didn't even have to lay on the floor of the hospital for this one!  #progress

Hudson doesn't snore anymore and we can already hear him speaking more clearly from the tubes in his ears!!  So happy all of this is over!!  For now....until the next adventure pops up!  

Jaafe on his phone as usual.  Had to capture it. ;)
 Waiting for surgery. ;)

 The ride home was smooth...he slept the whole way.  We stopped and got his prescriptins filled and not a peep!

 Still tired and falling asleep in random places on day 4.  2.22.16

Jaaten and The Ranch

Jaaten has grown up so much in just the last couple months.  She is so sweet....most of the time, such a great helper...most of the time and says the funniest things!  She had her second picture day this year.  I do not remember having two pictures day a year?  2.4.16
 These three!  They all have ipads....and they all watch the same one!  Agh! 2.5.16
 And then Jaaten randomly wanted to wear her cowboy boots and cowboy belt to school!  So I let her, right? 2.8.16
 When I went to Jaaten's school for Parent/Teacher Conferences I saw this hanging in the hall outside her classroom.  The kids were supposed to pick ONE person in their life they love and is super special to them and why.  Guess who was nominated.  PAPA!  I almost cried right there in the hallway.  I love that she loves him so much!  2.10.16

 On the other side of the hall were groundhogs the kids in her class made.  The picture might not show well but there was one groundhog that stuck out from the rest with a few extra hearts, "make-up" and eyelashes.  Guess who!  I love that Jaaten always thinks outside of box and doesn't follow everyone else.  I'm guessing that may be a double edged sword but I will take it!  
 And finally I picked up Jaaten from school on Thursday and she was SO EXCITED about getting this pink slip.  The kids get this slip when they get and E on their phonogram test AND their spelling test that they have every Thursday.  Jaaten had never gotten it before so she was so excited because it gets her out of any homework that night.  So cute!  2.11.16
 Valentine's Day party at school....always a big day!  2.12.16
 Ashley sent me this picture of the boys leaving the park holding hands.  They have become such good buddies since Jaaten has gone to school full days. 2.12.16
 THE RANCH!  Jaafe went to the ranch with Jaaten and friends of ours with their kids.  I had to work so the boys and I stayed home.  Jaaten has such a blast with Jaafe when they take road trips.  And this time their were other kiddos to get dirty, roast marshmallows and just run wild for a weekend outside at the ranch.  It doesn't get much better than that for this one!  2.12.16

 Tony.  He is the Hispanic gentlemen that looks after Jaafe and Jim's cows at the ranch.  Super nice man. ;)