Saturday, May 18, 2013

More Crafts & The Dentist

My 3 little people would glue, glitter and color anything ALL DAY if they could!!  They love doing crafts!!
Jaaten 5.7.13
Steel 5.7.13
 Hudson 5.7.13

 Brandi asked me to take Jaaten to get her toenails painted last week and then ice cream.  I thought it was so sweet of Brandi to do that for her!!  So cute. ;))  5.9.13

 Bath - Hudson, Steel, Jaaten - 5.10.13
 Steel and Hudson 5.11.13
 Hudson and Steel just got really interested in Mr. Potato Head in the last few days.  Jaaten had to show them the basics first....wear Potato Head glasses!
Hudson 5.13.13
 Steel 5.13.13
 Jaaten 5.13.13
 Bath - Hudson, Steel, Jaaten - 5.13.13 - Jaaten has always loved the watercolor tabs and bathtub markers.  Surprisingly she shares them well with the boys. ;))

 My girlfriend Jen brought her little girl, Addy, and her niece, Penelope, over to the house for a play date last week.  Jaaten was really great about sharing her toys but then had trouble keeping her hands to herself.  ;((  Hopefully Jen will bring the girls back!!  ;))
 Jaaten loves these two little girls in her class, Madison and Madelyn.  Jaaten ASKED ME to take a picture of her with her friends!!  And she still wouldn't smile!?!?!?
 After school Thursday, Jaaten had her first dentist appointment and she did so GREAT!!!  The hygienist, Shelly was so nice and patient with Jaaten and I think it made all the difference!!  Jaaten did everything she asked!!  I took a little video while Shelly was actually cleaning her teeth.  Jaaten was trying to tell Shelly about her Papa while getting her teeth brushed.  So funny!!

 Steel and Hudson 5.16.13
 Jaaten loved making this bunny mask...5.17.13

 Hudson 5.17.13
 Steel 5.17.13
 Jaaten 5.17.13

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & More

Time is flying right now....Jaafe has been working out of town a couple days each week and Jaaten is almost done with her first year of preschool.  Most of these pictures are from me sending Jaafe pictures of the kids while he is gone.  PLUS Mother's Day pictures!!
Hudson 5.3.13
 Jaaten wanted to see The Croods AGAIN so her and I went last Saturday.  This one is a Movie Watcher!!
 Uncle Joe (Jaafe's brother) has been coming over for dinner on Monday nights for the last couple months.  Hudson LOVES Joe Joe!!
 Jaaten 5.8.13
 Hudson 5.8.13
 Jaaten LOVES string cheese and asks me for it just about every hour.  The other day Steel asked me for string cheese for the first time.  As soon as I gave it to him he went to find his sippy and jumped up on the bean bag to eat his string cheese (just like his sister would).  Steel must have sat there enjoying that cheese for at least 15 minutes.  As most know, 15 minutes is and eternity for any almost 2 two year old.  Especially this one!!
 Last Thursday I went to Jaaten's class for Muffins for Moms.  She was SO excited!!  5.9.13

 Jaaten 5.11.13
 Steel 5.11.13
 Hudson 5.11.13
 Mother's Day 2013
Jaaten woke me up about 6:30a on Mother's Day and could not wait to show me all the good stuff they had for me.  Jaafe and I went out to dinner the night before so she and Brandi got everything ready.  Brandi let Jaaten make cookies and all the kids made cute crafts for me.  Brandi made this picture collage for me with all the pictures she takes of the kiddos during the day when I'm at work.  So sweet!!  And my thoughtful husband bought 4 dozens flowers!!  Ha!!  Love that man!  Jaafe and I spent the day with the kids.  We don't get to do that often so it was really nice. ;))

 Steel 5.12.13
 Hudson 5.12.13
 Jaaten & Mom 5.12.13
 Mom & Hudson 5.12.13
 I was reading to the boys before their nap and the wild girl wanted to join.  ;))  Great day for this Mama!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Love These Kids!!

Hudson got new Vans...and he seemed really happy about it!

 Either the lizards are getting bigger in AZ or I am becoming a wimp!  This lizard was on our back patio sitting right by the slider.  You can see the lizard starting to run out of the bottom right corner.  Steel was loving it!

 Steel, Jaaten & Hudson 4.21.13
 Steel & Hudson 4.21.13
 Hudson 4.21.13
 Hudson 4.25.13
 Steel 4.25.13
 I'm not sure what Jaaten is telling Steel here but it looks important!!
 More crafts with Brandi!!  <3 p="">

 I got all the kids loaded into the Yukon Wednesday to go get haircuts to find the battery was dead!!  I fir all 3 in my car though!!  I was so happy...the kids thought I was crazy!
 Jaafe bought Jaaten a new purple fishing pole last Wednesday evening and then he left Thursday morning to go hunting through Sunday.  Jaafe told Jaaten he would take her fishing with her new purple pole when he got back.  Jaaten must have asked me 25 times if we could go fishing between Thursday and Sunday.  She finally got to go!