Monday, December 30, 2013

FUN at Grammie and Papa's House

We left for Missouri on Christmas Day.  I thought it may be crazy to fly that day but it was the best flight yet with the littles.  This was the first time we had to buy seats for the boys (boo!) but they were so good! (yah!)  Everyone had their own movie going too so they were in hog heaven!

Here are my thumb suckers!  YUCK!

 Jaafe got up to go to the restroom and Hudson sat there all by himself so nice!  BIG difference from our last plane ride!!

 Papa picked us up from the airport.  The kids were so excited to see him....especially the girl!! ;))

 The boys made it about 20 minutes in the car ride to Grammie and Papa's before they fell asleep.
 Jaaten was a little too excited to sleep!
 One of the first gifts Jaaten opened was makeup.  Looks like war paint!
 Hudson 12.26.13
 Steel 12.26.13
 Steel was thinking about getting into Grammie's Christmas tree....ugh!  But he didn't!  
 There was snow on the ground when we landed in Kansas City.  The next morning we had to play in it...boys first time.  Jaaten is a pro by now. ;)  12.26.13

 Steel thought he was so big!!

 Bass Pro is close to Grammie and Papa's house so we always go.  They love the fish and animals there!  12.26.13

 Grammie and Papa's kitchen table has the best view and the boys love the bench!  12.28.13

 Jaaten dragged out the Twister game...Steel was the only one interested. ;)  12.28.13 

 We drove around Lake Lotawana for a bit looking at homes.  Hudson and Steel are no match for the rumble of Papa's truck with the heater going!  12.28.13

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas

Christmas came and went so fast this year!  Here are a few pictures.

Jaafe ran into a guy with a pet monkey on one of his trips to Mexico last week.  I think Jaaten was a little jealous when she saw the picture. ;)  12.19.13

Jaaten loves to tease my little dude.  Steel is smart....payback will be interesting in a couple years. ;)
Brandi got the kids a basket full of books.  She gave them their gift Monday before Christmas.  12.23.13

The exciting gift from Santa was the trampoline.  I was warned by many not to get a trampoline....I guess I decided to roll the dice. ;)  They LOVE it so far.  

Cy and Dakota came to AZ for Christmas this year too.  I'm guessing they were more excited about their big kid presents then the trampoline. ;)

 No Christmas is complete without holding the dirty, nasty chicken. ;))