Saturday, October 7, 2017

Parties & Pumpkins

The last week before fall break was BUSY!  For everyone!  We had projects, birthday parties, crafts, pumpkin patch....and these kids with ME!  I have realized more and more recently that I rarely sit down when I am home on my days off or in the evenings when I get home from work.  Between getting all three kids lunches, clothes and backpacks ready for school the next day, laundry, dishes, etc there is just not tons of extra time to just sit.  BUT when I do sit down, these three little humans NOTICE and are RIGHT THERE!  I love that they still want to snuggle me......I know it will not last forever. I need to make an effort to sit more. ;)))  We were looking at movie trailers to see what movie we wanted to go see.  They were into it!!  HAHAHA  9.15.17

Soooo this was my first go at doing a pull through braid on Jaaten's hair.  Not a total fail but does not necessarily look like the picture!  Next time!  9.26.17

Steel loving SnapChat. 9.27.17
  Last day of school before fall break...and it is hat day. ;) 9.29.17
Birthday party after school....and the party was actually for boys...and I didn't get a picture of the boys!  Sheesh!  Jaaten brought her cute friend Kendall to play them!  9.29.17

Funny....we went to a mini carnival thing at Jaaten's gymnastic gym.  They had face painting and Steel asked for a shark tooth to be painted on his face.  Or a white triangle.  And he wanted a picture of it.  His face is so serious in the picture.  This kid!  9.30.17
 Our friends, Stephanie and Shawn, had a party at their house and had this cute craft (succulents in a planted in a pumpkin) set up for the kids.  The kids loved it and had such a fun time! 9.30.17

 Hudson got himself a bowl of jelly beans and was loving this red chair in their game cave room. ;)

Our sweet nanny, Victoria, took the boys to the pumpkin patch with her sister and nephew on the first day of fall break.  We are so happy we have someone we totally adore and trust to be with the kids while Jaafe and I are at work.  We are so thankful for Victoria and all the fun things she does with the kids. 10.2.17

 The next day Victoria took the boys to the Idea Museum which they loved.  The kids did Yoga (HAHAHA) 10.3.17
Hudson apparently took a liking to this miniature blazer

I love when just Steel and Hudson play together in the backyard....even if they always are wearing ONLY their underwear!  AGH!!  I hope that ends at some point HA! 10.4.17 

Build A Bear, Haircuts & Apple Trees

Hudson and Steel received gift cards from one of their friends for their birthday.  They have never been and I wasn't sure what they would think....but of course they loved it.  Hudson chose a Star Wars bear that plays the Star Wars anthem.  Steel choose a blue dinosaur and of course his needed to roar. ;)  9.4.17

Love these little boys with fresh haircuts. ;)  9.7.17

 These two are my FAKERS!  Jaaten and Steel LOVE to pretend they are asleep ESPECIALLY when I need them to help clean up toys!! 9.8.17
 Victoria takes the kids to Sunsplash when she can.  This day just the boys went and had so much fun at her nephew's birthday party.  Victoria sent me this picture and it made me cry.  HA!  They look so big now!  9.9.17
 Cowboy hats....its a  thing at our house.  ;)  The boys talked their Dad into getting them these cowboy hats while they were at the store the other day.  Handsome little boys they are. ;)   9.16.17

Jaafe found this note on his vanity in our bathroom when he got out of the shower the other morning.  "Can I get a Sheepadoodle when I'm 9 years old?" We keep talking about getting a dog....looks like it is getting closer to actually happening.  9.18.17
Hudson and Steel are STILL using gift cards they received for their 6th birthday on August.  This trip to Target was specifically to use the gift cards from the Propes Fam!  They were so excited to pick out their own toys!  9.21.17
The apple tree project...times two this year!  Steel and Hudson were excited to do their apple tree project this year.  We have Jaaten's tree from when she was a kinder in the playroom so they knew what we had to do for the project. They each got to pick a picture of each of us to put on the tree AND choose one word to describe each of us.  That is always funny. ;) 
Hudson's words to describe each of us were:  Dad  - FUN, Mom - NICE, Jaaten - SILLY, Steel - WILD and Hudson described himself as FUNNY.  
Steel's words to describe each of us were:  Dad  - FUN, Mom - NICE, Jaaten - FUNNY, Hudson - FUNNY and Steel described himself as FAST.

On their way back from our neighbor's cabin with Jaafe.  Love them!  9.23.17 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall is Near

I just LOVE when these two boys huddle on the couch together to watch their iPad.  They each have their own iPad and I see them share a lot.  LOVE! 8.27.17
 First stop to look at costumes....not even September yet!  8.30.17

 This one can fall asleep ANYWHERE!  Especially since starting all day kinder! 8.30.17
 And they already have their costumes....sheesh! 9.1.17
 Jaafe and I took the kids to the county fair in Flagstaff.  All of the kids absolutely love animals so it was great!  We went to the auction and came home with 6 chickens and a huge steer from the 4H kids.  Sheesh! 9.2.17

Steel....I got this text from Victoria.  HAHAHAHAHA  9.4.17
 Victoria took the kids (plus Jaaten's friend, Alex) to feed the ducks. ;) 8.26.17

 And Hudson loses another tooth! 8.26.17

The kids talked me into getting out the Halloween decorations on SEPTEMBER 10th!  I swear it gets earlier and earlier every year!