Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Swim, Teeth, Cousins, Projects

Cousins are the best!!  Hudson loved his hair! LOL  4.10.17

Steel was SOOOOO excited to lose his front tooth!! 4.14.17
 And then he found a new love for peanut butter crackers...which is great because he is the pickiest eater EVER!!  4.17.17
The kids in Hudson and Steel's class were so proud of the "kingdom" they made in the sand.  Steel wanted to take a picture.  4.19.17
Just like that Steel lost his OTHER front tooth one week after the first one!!  4.20.17
Grammie and Papa bought the couches Jaafe and I have been using about 16 years ago for a house they rented out in Scottsdale!!  WOW....We FINALLY got a new couch and the boys absolutely love it!!  HAHAHAHA  4.21.17

 Believe it or not, this is a "community pool" in a nice lake neighborhood in Gilbert.  Uncle Joe and Aunt Kim just bought a house in this neighborhood.  Nice!  The kids were in heaven!!  And its about 10 minutes from our house!!  Woohoo!!  4.23.17

 Jaaten and Kambri

Pastries with Parents was last week and the boys were so excited to get to go.  Steel was a little scared but Hudson was happy to be at Jaaten's school which is the boys' school next year.  4.25.17
All the sudden, Steel was not scared anymore. ;)
I bought MYSELF a BOSU and one of these little boys can usually be found on it...while they watch TV no less. ;)  4.26.17
Nothing more fun than a have full pool!  Steel ran down in the pool and said, "Take my picture" with this legit pose and all! 4.26.17
Jaaten was assigned an animal report at school and she chose a guinea pig.  She had to make her visual aid by herself!  Turned out pretty awesome!  4.27.17

Hudson and Steel's friends from school.  The majority of the kids from their class go to the park right after school every day.  It is actually really neat they get to hang out everyday.  4.27.17

Oh our sweet Miss Kayla!  These boys absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Kayla.  I know they love her so much because they know she loves them.  4.28.17

My TV watchers when Dad is the sitter. ;)  4.29.17
Kayla caught the boys standing like this and got a pic.  The really are BEST friends!  Love!
And then there is our smart, sweet, pretty, kind, wild girl!!  I love this girl BIG!!  I find pictures like this on my phone all the time!  I love her personality and fearlessness!  4.30.17

 At the local beach for the second weekend in a row! 4.30.17
 Uncle Jaafe and Kleet

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter & More TBall

Our sweet friend Jess brought the kids these cute eggs filled with a stuffed animal and candy for Easter.  So nice!  Thanks, Jess!  The kids LOVED them!  3.30.17
 HAHAHAHA 4.3.17
 The TBall games are the cutest!!  4.6.17

 Hat day at school for the pretty girl. ;) 4.7.17
 Bahahahaha 4.7.17
 Love the new dos! 4.8.17
Jaafe and I made it to San Diego without kiddos right before Easter!  Woohoo!  Thanks Grammie and Papa!  4.13.17
 Our sweet friend Jordan just moved to Pacific Beach so we had to see her...with a huge margarita. ;) 4.14.16
 Coloring Easter eggs with Grammie and Papa!

 The bunny found us!
 Egg Hunts....

 Friends and more egg hunts...
 Wind up toy races (shout out to my friend Carly for the awesome idea!)

 Little art session to make bunnies....

 Little dummy riding...

 And roping lessons...this day was a good one!!