Sunday, January 7, 2018

Another New Year! 2018

Hudson and Steel being sick did not scare the MacDowells!  They drove up to our house from Branson to stay the night before going back home.  All these cousins were loving life!  12.30.17
 The Pringles Challenge...LOL
 And cardboard guns....does it get more fun!  LOL  12.30.17

New Year's Eve....lake was completely frozen over.  I said no to kids getting on the lake.....Jarrod sais yes.....hence the pictures below.  They loved it too!  12.31.17

There were even fish frozen in the surface.  The kids thought that was awesome!

The videos are of our neighbors on the ice!

Hudson LOVES a good sugar cookie!  And even more when he gets to ice it and decorate it himself.  This is him admiring his work. ;)  HAHA  1.31.17
Jaaten's attempt to dress up the boys in her clothes.  Hudson was not having anything more than the scarf and the Christmas Tree hat Grammie brought over.  Steel was kind of down though. ;)
Jarrod and Ash came over for NYE.  The kids decorated cookies and played games.  This dice game seemed to be the favorite!  Whoever could stack 5 dice at the end of their popsicle stick won.  The kids were pretty good at it too!

New Year's Day seeing Ferdinand the Bull!  These seats were legit!! Big, wide, leather recliners!  1.1.18 
Steel outdid fact he did not slow down the whole time he was sick and it caught up with him.  1.1.18
We took the kids to SjyZone the day before we came back to Arizona.  This is Jaaten jousting a bot.  She was SO hapopy when she knocked him off!  LOL  1.3.18
On the airplane....headed home to AZ.  Only picture I got!  Boo!  1.4.18

Christmas Part 2 2017 Branson

The day after Christmas started like this....the blonde-headed boy sleeping in the middle of the greatroom floor almost the whole day and feeling a bit warm!  Oh no!  Jaaten and Jaafe were already battled a nasty cough and head cold!  12.26.17
We stayed in all I was able to get the vinyl polka dots and Jaaten's name up in her room...finally! 

By the next morning (12.27.17) Hudson and Steel were both coughing, had fevers and Steel had thrown up in the middle of the night.  We had planned to leave for Branson that day to meet Jaafe's family at the Grand Country Inn.....a kids dream hotel with an indoor waterpark, go karts, arcade and cousins!  HOWEVER, the boys and I stayed back while Jaafe, Jaaten and Dakota drove to Branson.  The boys and I were headed to urgent care.  Although they didn't look real sick in this picture! ;) 12.27.17 
We made it to urgent care to find out there was a 2.5 hour wait so we signed in and went to Grammie and Papa's to wait it out.  They text me 15 minutes before we could get in to see the doctor so it worked well.  Once we got in the boys took off their hate and this!  LOL....they looked at each other and asked me to take a picture.  LOL
We got bracelets and the wait began!  SnapChat filters kept these two entertained for a little while.  After everything was done, we had waited ANOTHER 2.5 hours for them to tell us BOTH boys had Flu Type A and Hudson needed an inhaler because he was wheezing.  They said it would last 7-10 days and we were likely on day 2 or 3 already.  They also mentioned it would be highly likely I would get it.  And I did. ;/

Overall Hudson and Steel were both troopers while we had to wait so long!!  No tears and minimal whining. ;)  I'll take it!  I took this picture right before we left. ;)
Meanwhile in Branson.....

Still sick boys...Steel was so cold he kept his flannel and hat on all day long inside.

And the boys finally agreed to get in the shower and not the bath!  Everybody is growing up!  And shower finally cooled their body temps down. 12.29.17

Christmas Part 1 2017

Our Christmas card this year is one of our faves!  The kids all had such cute individual pictures and I LOVE pictures of our family in front of the front door.  Love!

We made it to Missouri!  We left after school on the kids' last day before break.  We were all excited for the break!  We got in late.  Headed to Grammie and Papa's in the morning. ;)12.22.17
First thing these boys do when they get to Grammie's is watch a movie on the iPad....on the steps.  HA!  They love those steps!  12.22.17
 One of my favorite gifts!  LOVE! Thanks Jarrod & Ash! XO
Christmas Eve we woke up to a completely snow covered yard.  The kids were beyond happy about the snow.  And it was COLD! 12.24.17
 The cold outside does not stop my kids from stripping down to their underwear though!
 Jaaten and her snow angels. ;)

The kids were so excited for Christmas this year!  I love that they love going to my parent's house where I loved all our Christmas's in the same room, same spot.  So fun!

Hudson and Steel loved their new Star Wars robes!
 Jaaten loved her stilts!  Took her about an hour to master!