Tuesday, May 27, 2014

School Pics and Beach??

Jaaten's preschool teacher, Ms. Dessie, was kind enough to send us some of the pictures she had taken of Jaaten through this last half of the year. ;))   Jaaten has grown and learned a ton in the last six months and Ms. Dessie  had a lot to do with that....we are so grateful for her. ;))

 These hot air balloons took off right in front of our house the other morning.  Kind of cool to watch...scary for the people in those little baskets though.  You could NOT pay me money!!  
 I mentioned in previous post it seemed as though kids may be getting sick....sure enough!  Jaafe took all 3 of the littles to the doctor Friday.  Dr. said Jaaten was clear and Hudson and Steel both had an ear infection.  The boys went on amoxicillan that day.  The kids didn't get better over the long weekend so they went back to the doctor today.  Jaaten has pink eye and Steel has a rash all over his belly the doctor thinks he got from just getting over strep throat.  Hudson, poor Hudson has a virus giving him 101 fever and making him throw up.  Supposed to head to beach tomorrow.... 

Pool Time and Oldies But Goodies

I'm not sure what we would do with all of our time if we didn't have a pool.  Most days we have been in the pool from 9:30a-12:30p give or take AND then again after the kids get up from their naps 5p-7:30p.  The pool obsession usually subsides by August.  But it's only June.... ;)

These first few pictures are of Jaafe when he was a little dude.  Check him out on the bike on the right.  Looks just like a blondie Steel!

 Here's Jaafe looking exactly like Hudson!!  And peeing his pants....  ;)
 These town boys are so sweet to each other when it is just the two of them. ;)  5.21.14
 Hudson woke up at 3:45a one morning last week and wasn't feeling well.  He fell back to sleep on the living room floor at 7a and didn't wake up until 11:30a!  Jaaten and Steel were less than quiet too.  Tired baby!  5.22.14
 Hudson  5.23.14

 Jaaten thought she was so big cleaning dishes in her silly hat. 5.24.14
 Brandi text me one day over the weekend and said the kids were not feeling well outside.  Actually I think Jaaten didn't feel well and so she laid on the cool deck.  Steel is just a copy cat. ;) 5.24.14

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Graduation and Recital

May has been so busy!!  I'm not sure how I will be able to keep up with end of the school year activities with THREE kids in school!

We had Jaaten's preschool graduation and dance recital this week. ;)  Plus Grammie came in town with her friend Mignon for a few days while Jaafe and I went to a Shea Homes party.  Now that the school year is over we are ready for the beach!!  ;)


First recital....and she did so great!!    5.17.14
 Mignon and Grammie waiting for the recital to start.
 Jaafe and I went to a dinner/awards function for my work last night. It has been a while since we had to dress up!  5.17.14