Sunday, June 29, 2014


This is the second summer I have had the kids in ISR, Infant Swimming Resource Self-Rescue, which teaches babies/toddlers how to turn to their backs and float should they fall in a pool.  I know all my Arizona friends know how common toddler drownings are here.  The statistics scared me right into these swimming lessons.  It is nothing short of amazing to witness an 18 month old child learn to swim and then flip to their back when they need air until they can reach a safe spot in the pool.  The last lesson the kids are supposed to come fully clothed with shoes and socks on to pass their test since that is how they would likely fall in a pool.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the boys from last year that the instructor just sent to me.  We only got pictures of Steel this year because Hudson was sick on picture day. ;/ 

Jaaten, Steel and Hudson ISR Summer 2013

 Jaaten ISR Test Day 2013

 Steel ISR Test Day 2013

Hudson ISR Test Day 2013

 Steel 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014


My Little Gal fell asleep on the beanbag with Jaafe....I guess I woke him up. ;/  6.14.14

 Steel and Hudson trying out underwear for the first time.  They had NO interest in the potty but I love those cute butts!  6.18.14

 All three like to eat at this little table together lately. I love that!!  6.18.14 this kid.  6.19.14

 This is Jaaten talking on the phone to her Papa.  Love!  6.25.14
 The kids like all things mini...cupcakes!

 Steel wanted to trace letters and shapes with his sister. ;)  6.25.14

 AND....Hudson is sick again. ;/  He fell asleep on the greatroom floor while I was making lunch yesterday.  Temperature reached 102.5 today.  Ugh!!  6.26.14