Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TONS of Pics - Catch Up Post - AGAIN!

Hudson, Steel and Jaaten are all growing so fast now and changing every day. Great time for me to NOT keep new pictures on the blog, huh?!? I must have 30 pictures here! We have made progress in the Kellis House though. Both boys still sleep in mini cribs in our room BUT Hudson sleeps through the night (for about 6 weeks now) and Steel only gets up once (around 2a) and usually goes right back to sleep. Far from where we were.... Jaaten HOWEVER is talking more and more and cute as could be but I swear this is payback to me. What an ornery Little Gal!

This is Hudson after a Dr. appointment. Hudson has been following up with the Pulmonologist just to make sure his lings are good to go. We no longer keep the Apnea monitor on Hudson. I had become somewhat dependent on the monitor so surprisingly it was not hard to give up. ;)

Steel FINALLY started laughing. The twins torture me because even though I am told time after time NOT to compare them to each other as they develop, I DO!! Hudson starting smiling weeks before Steel so I worried myself to near insanity....for nothing!

This was a funny day! This was the first time the boys really looked at each other with intent. You could tell their wheels were turning looking at each other. They were EACH probably thinking "Oh, you are the reason I have to wait all the time. She's always helping YOU first!"

Hudson 1.20.12

Steel 1.20.12

Hudson (left) & Steel (right) 1.20.12

Ha! The first time in the bumbos was funny too. Hudson & Steel looked like 2 old men having a conversation. ;)

Steel 1.23.12

Steel (left) & Hudson (Sleeping!)

We do a lot of feeding babies around here. A lot of times someone is upset but this time went smooth. ;)

Grammy and Boys (Steel on left, Hudson on right)

Steel (left) & Hudson (right) 1.30.12

Some days Jaaten will absolutely run herself ragged trying to avoid a nap. This was a day Jaaten could BARELY keep her eyes open long enough to eat the pizza I made her for lunch...

She finally gave in...right on the counter!

Hudson (left) & Steel (right) in saucers 2.1.12

Jaaten in Gameroom 2.2.12

Papa has a constant shadow when he is here. Jaaten doesn't get far from her Papa and if she does it is not long before we hear, "Papa, where are you? Papa, where are you?" Over and over and over...until he is found. ;) There was no exception when we got the new TV for the gameroom. Jaaten wanted to "help" him the whole time...

Abbey bought the boys these cute Vans...

Abbey dresses these little guys in something besides a sleeper whenever she can! Steel 2.5.12

Jaaten LOVES to take Grammy's glasses anytime they are left sitting around.

Steel (left) & Hudson (right) in their bouncers 2.5.12

Steel and Hudson fall asleep a lot after they play with this gym. So cute!

Steel has so much hair we could not resist spiking it. 2.7.12

Hudson in his jeans. ;) 2.8.12

Hudson (left) & Steel (right). Just diapers. ;) 2.9.12

Asleep at the gym again 2.10.12

Jaaten loves all Papa's gadgets. The light on the head is a favorite!!

Hudson, leg over the side, thinks he's in a lazy boy!

Steel, asleep on his Grammy. ;) 2.12.12