Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Boys Are 2...I Can't Believe We Made It!

I guess we have been REALLY busy lately.  My new community at work opened so I haven't kept up with posts as well as I would like.  All the Littles are growing so fast and Hudson and Steel follow Jaaten's every move!!  It is so funny to see how much they learn from her.  The boys are just finishing up ISR (swim survival course) and they are doing so well.  It is really crazy to see such a small child learn to swim so early. The boys also just had their 2nd birthday.  Grammie and Papa were in town (thank goodness) for the party too.  

Steel fell and cut his chin.  It was the first blood drawn since the boys have been running around so I am grateful. 8.7.13
Hudson is my TV watcher and I usually find him in an unusual place while he is zoned in to a movie.  8.11.13 
 Kambri has an admirer and its no secret!!  Hudson follows Kambri everywhere when they come over on Monday evenings. 8.5.13
 These boys love each other!  8.14.13
 The birthday party for the boys went great!  Of course I don't have ANY pictures of the party while everyone was here.  I guess I was a bit occupied.  8.18.13
 Hudson before the party 8.18.13
 Steel before the party.  8.18.13

Hudson 8.21.13
Jaaten 8.21.13
I found this super fun loft bed online.  Papa agreed to build it for the pretty girl and she is so excited.  The original plan showed in pink but Jaaten made it CLEAR she wanted purple!  Finished pictures to follow soon!  8.23.13
Steel and Hudson  8.25.13
Is has been POURING rain here for the last couple weeks on and off!  Love it!
Hudson and Steel LOVE this huge bear!  Steel didn't feel well when he got up from a nap last week.  Hudson was SO nice and let Steely sit on the bear by himself. ;))  8.28.13

After Steel got sick, Jaaten wasn't feeling so great either....doesn't she look sick?!  Popsicles always help!  9.1.13
Miss Jaaten still LOVES her ponies. ;))  9.3.13
The boys asked me to sit in "Grammie's Room" and watch Octonauts.  I love that they love Grammie so much. ;))  9.4.13
Jaaten 9.4.13
Jaaten went to the doctor to get the nasal mist for flu.  She did great and got a sticker.  9.5.13
This picture was taken this morning...they are all getting so big!!  9.8.13

Photog Pics

In May, while Grammie and Papa were in AZ, we had our pictures taken.  I didn't realize how long it had been since I had a professional photo taken with my parents!!  We took these pictures at 8a at a park in Gilbert.  It was already getting hot that early in the morning!  The kids faded pretty fast but we still got some pretty great pictures.  Thank you Miss Jackie Lindfors!!