Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hudson & Steel

The iPhone is so great....I can scroll back to see pictures on my phone all the way back to before the boys were born.  I came across these two gems the other day!  These two pictures made me laugh out loud and filled my eyes with tear all at the same time.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed with how awesome it is to be a Mom of twins, how fortunate I am to be their Mom.  These two wild little things are all grown up all the sudden.  I'm so happy they are healthy. They still love this trampoline and Hudson still makes that silly face while he bounces around!;) HAHA

 Yes, our Christmas trees are up.  Don't judge me.  LOL!  The boys have a tree in their room (Jaaten OF COURSE has one in her room too) that they have always liked.  This year they LOVE this tree!  They are so lucky to have a Grammie that gets them awesome ornaments of all the Disney characters, Looney Toons, spaceships that make noise, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc. and the list goes on.  They really have no idea how lucky they really are!  These pictures show exactly what these boys do EVERY night before bed.  They look at their tree, point to ornaments, talk to each other about the ornaments and what are their favorites and why.  It is the cutest thing to watch!! Thanks, Grammie!  We love you!

 Last night was the last tball game for the boys.  They did so great and they really liked it!  It started out a little rough and I thought maybe we started them too early.  When they got these medals last night after the game they were town happy boys!!  11.15.16

Losing Teeth, Festivals, Parks AND SnapChat

Steel lost ANOTHER tooth and now Hudson too!  They are so proud of themselves for losing teeth!  HAHA 11.2.16

 Jaaten's school had Fall Festival ... and of course we got three new fish!  We still had two from LAST year! ;/  11.4.16

These laser lights are the way to go!!  The kids love them.  We need to get them up outside too! 
 This hot air balloon was right outside our house.  The kids thought that was so cool it was so close. ;) 11.5.16
 This is Hudson and his friend Jcakson at school.  Their teacher told me they are absolutely inseparable.  Love that!  11.6.16
 Steel is hooked on SnapChat now...just like his seester!  11.7.16

 Jaaten wanted to take this picture to send to Papa before school the other morning.  So sweet!  11.8.16
 Jaafe bought this rocking horse two or three YEARS ago and the kids have NEVER touched it really.... So I pull it out of the playroom to get rid of it.  All the sudden the kids start crying saying we can't give it away because it is their very favorite toy...ever!  Whaaaaaaat?!?!  So here it sits in our kitchen. ;/  11.9.16
 I've been trying to update our house a is tough with all the dark finishes.  BUT we just had these pendants hung and they are giving me hope!!

 Steel.  He's funny!  11.9.16
 Kayla takes the kids to this cute park sometimes....they love it of course!  11.11.16

 All three kids LOVE Kayla's dog Blue.  This video makes me want to get a dog for the kids....not enough to ACTUALLY get one but you understand what I mean. ;)  11.15.16

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Halloween Parties

Jaaten's gymnastics place had a little trunk-or-treat so we started Halloween a couple days early.  Jaaten was a witch, Hudson was an astronaut and Steel was Spiderman.  10.29.16. ;)

Dad and kids at the movies. ;)  10.30.16
 And then the park....what an awesome Dad. ;)

 Halloween Party #2 was at Hudson and Steel's friend Colton's house.  Boys dressed the same....Jaaten changed it up to Batgirl.  She actually wore a Hula Girl costume to this party but it split up the back when she jumped on the trampoline.  Jaafe had to run her home to pick something else.  Good thing Grammie has brought her EVERY costume made so she has backups.  Love you Grammie!  HAHAHA  10.30.16

This puppy costume was my FAVORITE costume I remember having for Halloween.....but when I was like 3 or 4.  Jaaten wanted to rock it on Halloween.  It's a bit small!  Jaaten LOVED that it was my costume I wore when I was little though.  Thanks again to Grammie fro bringing all the old stuff to AZ!  10.30.16 
We took the kids to Rebecca and Matt's to trick-or-treat which we have done the past couple years.  It is always super fun, lots of kids and tons of candy!  10.31.16

 We started a candy drawer this year.  Thankfully I don't LOVE candy!