Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back in AZ Again!

We converted the boys' beds to toddler beds when we got back from AZ.  Steel climbed out of his crib for the first time the day after we got back from AZ so we figured that was our cue.  Both Hudson and Steel thought the beds were now mini trampolines when Jaafe first took the side off.  The first night I put Steel down he told me his bed was broken in this really sad voice since one of the rails was gone.  ;)  7.18.14

 The second day of being in the toddler beds Steel fell out of his bed during nap and just stayed there!  Ha!  Brandi went in and put him back in bed though.  Too funny!  7.20.14
Hudson trying to tell Jaafe something really important. ;)
 It didn't take the kids long to reunite with that bird and then get in the pool though!  7.19.14

 Pool! 7.20.14

 We didn't read at all at Grammie and Papa's!  The boys were pretty excited to sit with their Dad and read on the big chair again before they went to bed. ;)
 This one...she loves to make food!  7.21.14

 Another pool day!  7.22.14

 The kids played back by the chicken and the pony before it got too hot this morning.  Well, before it reached 114!!  I'm sure it was already 100!  7.23.14

Missouri Summer 2014 Part 2

I always forget how much there is to do in KC!!  Jaafe and I took Jaaten to Schlitterbahn which a water park in KC for those of you who do not know.  This little girl has no fear!!  She absolutely loved it.  I just wish I got a picture of her on the huge slides she went down.  Not scared!!  

First time in a jetted tub! They have all the fun at Grammie and Papa's!
Steel didn't know if he loved this turtle or was afraid of this turtle. ;)

And Steel always finds good places to watch TV....
Papa and I took the kids to feed the fish...boys first time.  I think they didn't really know what to think!  There were so many big fish!!

I took the boys to an open gym my friend owns at home.  I wish I got more pics!!  They had so much fun in the foam pits, trampolines and huge inflatable slide!
All the little things to get into!!
Adult day at the lake!  So fun!  7.12.14
Dad's hat, Dad's glasses.
Grammie and Hudson 7.13.14
Steel was so excited to have his animals watch his movie on his new DVD player. ;)
Jaaten's actual birthday was Sunday, July 13th.  I thought Jaaten would love to make sundaes.  Grammie bought ALL the toppings you could possibly want on a Sunday and Jaaten had plain VANILLA ice cream!  HA! 7.13.14

This cute outfit came from our friends Jarrod and Ashlee.  So cute!  7.13.14

Steel watching some TV.  7.13.14
  Love these two!  7.14.14
Hudson had to do a couple treatments while we were gone....turns out he had croup and it didn't help anyway!  Is it just me or do my kids ALWAYS get sick on vacation?!
Grammie and Papa JUST got their driveway paved...the kids LOVED it!  7.16.14

Steel with his friend Braxton who is a pretty great 2 year old driver!!  7.17.14
This was the last morning we were at Grammie and Papa's...the kids absolutely love it there!  7.18.14