Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our House is Crazy!

The boys are trying to get at my flowers in the vase behind the couch!  They are into EVERYTHING!!
 Jaafe came to the boys' 1 year appointment which I was SUPER thankful for because the boys both got shots. Ugh!!
Jaaten loves her new backpack for school!  She thinks it is so cool that there is a place for her sippy. ;)  Jaaten has also improved to looking at the camera when I ask her to but I usually get this look.  I think I liked when she looked least she was smiling!!
It is monsoon season in AZ so we had a really hard rain last week.  It is still really warm outside when it rains so playing in the rain is pretty great!!  ;)  Well, Jaaten thought it was great....the boys looked less than amused though.  ;/
I took these pictures just this week.  Although Hudson started walking last week, Steel has decided to join in on the walking thing.  It is pretty crazy!!
Jaaten got out all her dress up stuff on Thursday.  As soon as I set the bin of loot on the floor the boys took over!!  Jaaten didn't mind as much as I thought she would though, ;)
 The boys are loving slobbering my windows!!