Monday, October 26, 2015

These Kids LOVE Halloween!

This is the first year all three of my littles are totally into Halloween!  Love it!  Hudson said he wanted to be a super I ordered a Spider Man costume.  We get the costume and Steel wants it....
But then Steel saw Hudson in the dinosaur costume and wants that now!  Agh!  

A little girl from Jaaten's class had a Halloween party Friday after school.  Jaaten had to have a peacock costume for Halloween this year.  She has had the peacock costume for the last three weeks and puts it on almost everyday.  Right before the party she decided she wanted to wear this dress Grammie brought her with this wig I bought last year.  Go figure!  10.23.15

Katie & Jaaten  10.23.15
Such a cute party with bobbing for apples, sticking nose on the witch, Halloween twister, candy jar guessing game, crafts and make-up!  Katie's Mom had to be the coolest Mom ever!

I finally found a "Super Hero" costume Hudson approved of...  10.23.15
And he wanted my witch hat. ;)
Jaafe and I took the kids to Rawhide with a good friend of our and his two kids.  Just a bunch of outdoor, fun kid stuff. ;)  10.24.15

They loved the hayride...

They loved the burro rides...
And they loved gold panning....Great night!

The Boys!

First dentist visit for Hudson and Steel.  They did awesome!  10.14.15

 So I thought Steel was faking sleeping when I took this picture!  Guess not! 10.15.15
 Jaaten made a few drawings for Grammie & Papa when they were here earlier this month.  She was so excited to get a picture from them of all her art hanging on their fridge. ;)
 Jaaten playing catch with her Dad last week before the game. 10.17.15
 These two boys are best of friends most days. Love them!  ;)  10.22.15

 And then they throw things at each other an hour after that picture! ;/  Steel threw a toy at Hudson, busted his lip open and chipped his bottom eye tooth almost in HALF!!  Ugh!  10.22.15
 Steel's school picture.  Taken 9.10.15
 Hudson's school picture.  Taken 9.10.15

Monday, October 12, 2015


Thanks to Grammie (and a little bit Papa) the Kellis house is ready for Halloween!

We carved pumpkins Saturday night.  The kids loved it!  10.10.15