Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pictures from our Kansas City Trip

This picture was taken at Grandpa and Grammy's house right before we went to the wedding. Dad, Jaaten and cute! Grammy used to give me a bath in her kitchen sink all the time when I was little so we had to give Jaaten a both there too. Although, it is a bit fancier of a sink now with Grammy's granite countertops and undermount sink. ;) Grandpa asked Aunt Cheryl to make a cape with a "J" on it for Jaaten to wear when he flies her around the house. She loves that!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time for Shorts!

It has been in the 80's so we wore shorts for the first time. They are 12-18 month shorts but who's counting. ;) Love those chubby little legs! I took these pictures Thursday morning before Jaafe took her to the doctor. Jaaten has croup so we have not been in the mood for more pictures the last couple days. ;(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Veronica's Funny Pictures

Veronica's kids are on Spring Break this week so they are celebrating St. Patrick's Day at In-N-Out Burger. ;) Veronica introduced Jaaten to Wagon Wheels while they were at Wal-Mart. She seems fascinated! Veronica took Jaaten to Barnes & Noble not too long ago. The caption on the picture she sent me said Jaaten was reading. ;) You would think Jaaten is a toddler from some of the pictures Veronica gets of her.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ted & Overalls

Jaaten has her pink overalls on today that Grammy bought her. Grammy must have asked 5 times if she has worn them so I know she is dying to see a picture. ;) I ran home today to take the car seat base to Jaafe so I sat on the ground with her for a minute. Jaaten LOVES any necklaces I wear. She wraps them around her thumb and then sucks her thumb! It is so cute. ;) So a quick update on Ted. Ted is staying at Jimmy & Shelly's (friends of Jaafe and mine) house until our barn is built. Thursday Shelly found Ted laying in his pen gasping for air. Jimmy works with me at Shea Homes as well so he let me know I needed to call the vet. The vet thought he was having an allergic reaction or symptoms of COPD. She injected him with steroids and pain meds and suggested we put him down if he was not better after 2 days of shots. Ted was REALLY struggling to breathe and it was so hard to watch so, of course, I was bawling. Our vet is a total Tomboy too so she was staring at me like I had absolutely lost it to be crying over a pony. Long story short and $362 later, Ted is back to normal. We think he may have actually been colicking which is a blockage of a horse's digestive tract. He is good now though. I think he likes his new home because he plays with that colt in the pen next to him.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cute Pictures

Jaaten loves to be up on Dad's shoulders or sittin' on his lap! LOOOOOOVES her Daddy. ;)
I hung out with Jaaten on my birthday. We went from the exersaucer inside to the walker outside. When we walked by the palm trees she couldn't resist. She grabbed on and would not let go just like her Grandpa taught her. ;)This is another crazy picture Veronica sent me of Jaaten standing in her car seat last week in Veronica's car.