Saturday, February 23, 2013

18 Months Old!

Steel and Hudson turned 18 Months old the other day!!  And I THINK I still have a little sanity intact. ;)))  Jaafe might say otherwise! 
Steel is so sweet and such a cutie but he is absolutely my whiniest baby by a long shot.  Steel loves to be held and be wherever his Mama is at ALL TIMES!!  Steel is such a helper.  He always brings Hudson his blanket when its time to take a nap.  He always grabs both sippys and takes Hudson's to him.  It is so cute.  Steel can throw a mean temper tantrum too....rivals any tantrum I've seen when he wants something his brother or sister has.  Hudson and Jaaten both usually hand over whatever he is screaming for if that says anything.  Steel is so little but tough as nails!!  We have seen him  whack almost every part of his body hard enough to merit a scream that never comes.  Love this baby!
Hudson is such a nice kiddo and such a character!!  Jaafe and I often comment on how hard it is to believe this little boy struggled so much when the boys were first born.  Hudson is a big, stout baby!!  He also is talking (repeating ANY word you say to him) and then offering a huge smile afterwards.  ;)  So cute!  Hudson undeniably adores Jaaten following her everywhere she goes and doing everything she does.  His latest is crawling into the lazy boy to watch TV and rocking back and forth...just like Jaaten.  He also recently started sitting at Jaaten's little table.  He thinks he is so big!  Hudson hardly ever needs breathing treatments anymore which makes this Mama happy!!
These two little boys could not be more different!  The only thing Hudson and Steel share the same is a birthday!!  Hudson and Steel have forever changed our lives (Jaaten would attest to that!)

The boys were a little off schedule yesterday so I had to wake them from their naps to go get Jaaten from school.  I sent these pictures of the boys sleeping to Jaafe to see if I could persuade him to pick up Jaaten for me and not have to wake them.  It didn't work. ;)) 

Hudson is watching TV from Jaaten's little table just like Jaaten does. ;))
 We started pulling the boys around the house in this wagon and of course Jaaten wanted in too.
Hudson wanted everyone out so he could lay down!  HA!  This kid!!
 Both boys at the table....they think they are so big!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jaaten Starts Soccer!

Jaaten loves to kick the ball and "race" anyone who will race her.  So I signed her up for an under 4 team in Gilbert.  Actually my partner at Shea gave me the idea (Thanks, Glen!)  Jaaten had her first soccer game yesterday!!  She was so excited to wear her little pink cleats and shin guards....then she was super shy when we got there.  By the end of the game she was running around with everyone else. ;)))  She will play for 8 weeks so hopefully she will love it!!
 And this is our sweet Baby Hudson this morning!!  He is such a character and so nice!!  Love this kid!!  Hudson and Steel both thought this was so funny!

Valentine's Day and The Chairs!!

Jaaten had to go to the doctor the day Grammie and Papa got in town.  You would not have known she was not feeling well!!
Grammie and Papa brought the boys these little chairs.  Both boys thought they were SO BIG having their own chair!
Steel <3 p="">
Hudson <3 p="">
This picture is a little dark but it is of the boys watching Papa spray off the back patio with Jaaten.  They wanted to be outside with them so bad but it was cold that day!!
I can't believe they all sat there for a picture!!
These boys LOVE the bath!!  2.9.13
I put this picnic table and umbrella under the covered patio the other day so we could try eating out here when it is nice.  The boys loved it and Jaaten did not want to share it...hence Jaaten not being in the picture!!
On Valentine's Day, Jaaten got all ready for school and then didn't feel well and had a nasty cough come out of nowhere.  She stayed home with me and the boys.  ;((
Hudson and Steel got these race tracks for Valentine's Day.  I should have bought 3!!!
Jaaten liked her stuff but she LOVED the race tracks too!!
Last Friday evening we all went to feed the ducks down the street from our house.  Only Jaaten and I made the blog though. ;)))  Not sure why nobody else got their picture taken!!

San Diego February 2013

Grammie and Papa were out to visit again at the end of January and early February.  Pictures to follow from that visit!!  Towards the end of their stay in AZ, we took Jaaten to San Diego for some Jaaten (and her dinosaurs) time. ;))  Sometimes I feel like I'm always on Jaaten's that Girl!!  We did all the regulars in San Diego.  The beach, visit Jarrod, Ashlee and Braxton, the zoo, the beach again, the boat, the beach again and again and face painting!!!
Jaaten LOVED the place we stayed because there were ducks, fish and talking birds on the property, right outside our door in fact.  Knowing Jaaten is knowing her life is content with these animals.  ;))  Every morning she would hear those birds talking to eachother from our room and say, "we need to go see the birds."  Jaaten must have asked us 10 times if the hotel room we were staying in was our new house.  Cute but never a mention of why the boys were not in "our new house."
This first picture was Jaaten when we pulled up to our hotel at 7p!!
It didn't take her long to realize where we were and why we were here!  So 7:15p we played in the sand!
The beach didn't last long that night though....dinosaurs needed to bathe!!
First thing the next morning we were on the sand again....
And this is how Jaafe does the beach...ON THE PHONE!!  
These next few pictures are outside of our hotel room and in the lobby area.  ;))
And then the beach...AGAIN!!
We took this boat through bay in downtown San Diego which was great.  It was a little chilly that day but it was still fun. ;))  We got right up close to the Midway, a couple really nice yachts and a ton a cool boats and navy base stuff!!  For those of you who know Jarrod, he knows a little bit about everything it seems so he makes for a great tour guide. ;)))
 This yacht is owned by some billionaire Russian guy that hardly ever uses it.  The boat has a fulltime crew of 40 people to clean and maintian it even while it sits here, parked.  Source of info:  Jarrod
 This picture did not turn out as good as I had hoped but those 2 boats are navy seal boats (if I remember Jarrod's narration correctly).  They are jet black and super intimidating when they are whipping by!
The San Diego Zoo is a Jaaten Greer favorite!!  On Super Bowl Sunday morning we headed to the zoo.  Jaafe was such a sport to go because he was not feeling well but he came with us anyway.  We found out he had viral bronchitis when we got back to AZ. ;((  We had to get our face painted (she asked Jaafe and I to do it too but we are no fun!) and then sit and watch this little show about bugs!  Another of her favorites!!....bugs!!!  Ugh!
Bug presentation!!  Ugh!
This was Jaaten 5 minutes after we left the zoo...
 We spent the morning at the beach before we left to drive back to AZ.  ;))  Jaaten left one Happy Girl!!