Sunday, March 23, 2014


March is the best month in AZ!  And I feel like we have been super busy but I haven't had a lot of pictures either.  Grammie and Papa came out to watch the Littles while Jaafe and I went to Cancun for a wedding.  We were gone a week.  I missed these Wild Childs but we had a GREAT time!
TONS of laundry to do after our trip so while I was in the laundry room changing over the clothes I realized the boys had been eerily quiet for over a minute or so.  I went to check on them thinking they were probably into something they shouldn't be.  I found them in the gameroom laying right next to each other watching a movie. ;))  Love!

I met this really nice girl that came in my office at the end of last year.  We started talking about homes and ended up talking about a million other things.  Turns out she lives close to us and she does hair.  AND she will come to our house.  I mentioned her before in a post as well....I think.  Anyway, each time she has come over to cut the boys hair Jaaten has been at school.  Jaaten would always ask why she didn't get to get her hair cut.  This month Brooke came over and Jaaten got her FIRST haircut.  Ever.  I wonder why I waited so long....  She was so excited to get her hair cut and talked about how BEAUTIFUL it looked the rest of the day!  This kid!  3.13.14
 Steel is always good while he gets his hair cut too......Hudson not so much.  Hence no picture.
Jaafe's family has a luncheon they host every year for all the girls in the family.  I'm rarely able to go since I work weekends.  This was the first year I sent Jaaten without me.  Of course she loved it.

I'm pretty sure if I have to watch Frozen one more time I might have to actually return it to the store!!  Jaaten is OBSESSED!!  This is her singing and re-enacting the "Let It Go" song.....FOR THE ONE MILLIONTH TIME!!!!!!!
Last Wednesday we went to the zoo with my sister-in-law, Kiss and her kids.  We only got a couple pictures the whole day.  All I remember from that day is I had at least one child bringing their A-game whine to me ALL DAY...nonstop.  Maybe that's why I didn't take pictures!  ;)))  Fun times!  3.19.14

We have this great new splash pad right by my new office.  I took the kids to play there on Thursday.  See cool splash pad illustrated in the first picture.  See my boys having no interest in the cool splash pad in the second picture.  They played in the sand the whole time!  They will LOVE the beach this year!  3.20.14

 We have lived in our house for over seven years now and have not had the carpets cleaned.  Is that gross or no?  I didn't think so until AFTER they were cleaned!!  Anyway, we had to clear out all the furniture to have the greatroom carpet cleaned.  As soon as everything was moved out, it turn into a racetrack!  They raced back and forth all evening!!

 And this morning after the carpet had dried....still racing!

Jaafe's good friend has some cows and two of them just had newborn babies yesterday.  We took the kids to see them this morning.  Not sure why we didn't get a picture of Jaaten too but they ALL loved the baby.  Especially Steel....he cried when we left.  3.23.14

Monday, March 10, 2014

Projects and More

Steel, Jaaten and Hudson waiting to get in the car to go to Costco.  2.19.14

For anyone who is wondering....the chicken still resides here!!

 Jaaten before school. 2.26.14

 Mom and boys.  2.28.14

Hudson 3.3.14
 Hudson and Steel 3.3.14