Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Belly & The Girl

Whoa this is a BIG belly!! I'm 33 weeks 1 Day today and super uncomfortable! Jaaten is home with Jaafe today. Watching Olivia in her standard seat!

Abbey had Jaaten dressed super cute when I got home from work Friday. I LOVE these shoes!

Jaafe, Jaaten and I got in the pool Friday evening. This was what she wanted to wear when we were done swimming and went inside! Grammy brought these nice rubber boots for her....

Ha....this little girl would sit on this couch and watch Olivia all day if you would let her!

Jaafe got a new truck WITH a dvd player. Now Jaaten wants to go EVERYWHERE with Jaafe!

So this is the start of the boys room. I figure I will keep the boys in a mini crib in my room for the first couple months anyway. That will give me a little time to finish their room WITHOUT a 30 pound attachment on my body!! Jaafe was ANTI-chandeliers in the boys' room but too late. ;) Love you, Jaafe!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Jaaten Greer is 2 Years Old!!

Grammy and Papa (my parents) are back in town for Jaaten's 2nd birthday. Grammy plays Farmville right here on this couch with these glasses on in the evening. Jaaten thought she would give it a try when Grammy got up. ;) Jaafe bought Jaaten these chaps when he went to a roping in Reno last month. Every now and again Jaaten will ask to put them on and prance around the house in them. Ha...

What would a visit from Papa and Grammy be without some form of ice cream. They offered to take her to the grocery store with them the other evening while I stayed home. I should have known they would come back with something good!!

I can't believe our Little Wild Girl is 2 already!! I remember Jaafe taking this picture in the hospital like it was yesterday. I also remember thinking how Teeny Tiny she was....

We had a small party at the house for Jaaten with a few relatives (Uncle Joe, Beadle, our nieces Mataya, Laynie and Breykn), Abbey and her husband Louie and our friend Nate. Grammy made homemade pizza and cupcakes and we went swimming. It was perfect!

Mataya in the Birthday hat...

Brekyn saying, "Take a picture of me! Take a picture of me!"

Jaaten loved the RANCH dressing for the vegetables more than anything!

Jaaten's cousins helped her open every one of her presents....and helped her play with them. It was such a great time!!

Lately I have had people asking me why I don't post more belly pictures on the blog. My brief explanation is although I know we are about to get 2 precious babies out of this deal, I DO NOT LIKE being pregnant!! Pictures only remind me how much I DO NOT LIKE it!! Here is the latest though. I am 29 weeks 3 days along with the boys in this picture. ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th & Science Center

Jaaten has become such a movie buff! Here she is in her director's chair with her sandwich in hand, her juice in the arm of the chair and a leg up. ;)

Jaafe put the mini portable crib together I'm going to use in my room for both the boys for the first couple months. Somebody talked her Daddy into letting her get IN the crib!

Jaafe was running a little late fogging the flies Sunday morning so Jaaten rode to work with me. She was still in here jamas. ;) She just sat at my desk and colored until Jaafe got there at 10a.

This year was the 1st year fireworks were legal to sell and set off. Abbey invited us over to watch them at her house and have snacks. We tried letting Jaaten hold a sparkler. She started out good then wanted to grab the lit end with her other hand. I had to hold the sparkler myself after that which equalled one mad little girl. ;(

Abbey bought Jaaten this cute princess dish set yesterday. This morning Jaaten woke up asking for it and had to bring the whole set into our room while we watched cartoons.

AND then took them under the bed....

Jaaten's swim lesson teacher, April, also runs a preschool. April invited Jaaten to go to the AZ Science Center with her preschool class this morning. Abbey was sweet enough to take her downtown this morning so Jaaten could go with the class. You can tell from the pictures she LOVED it and was into EVERYTHING!!