Saturday, January 30, 2016

Back to School

The kids started back to school on January 4th.  They were less than excited about taking a picture for me.  1.4.16
 Aunt Shorty (Kensey is Jaafe's sister) sent Jaaten a ton of her girls clothes they grew out of.  Jaaten was so excited about getting all those clothes!!  Thanks Kenz!  1.5.16
 At the grocery store....she always wants her picture taken!  This could be bad!  1.6.16
 Back to the ENT for Hudson.  He was sick again and this time not hearing so well.  The hearing test he is taking in the picture showed he has fluid in his ears causing him to not hear well.  Hudson is a mouth breather and gets sick often.  The doctor suggested we remove his adenoids, tonsils and have tubes put in his ears.  SOOOO we have an appointment February 19th.  Not excited!  1.8.16
 Another cute Aunt Shorty outfit. ;)  1.11.16
 On the 100th day of school, Jaaten was supposed to dress like a 100 year old person.  Grammie and Papa brought her a cane and glasses from their house and we put a streak of grey in her hair.  She thought she was so cool!  1.13.16
 Jaaten was selected to be Star Student after we came back from Christmas Break.  She got to bring this Pride Lion (stuff animal a million other kids have dragged home) home with her for the week.  She was so happy!!  (Jaafe and I thought it was a little that bad!!)  1.15.16
Tea Party with Pride Lion....less gross. ;/
 Falls asleep with it....ugh!  
 And then Hudson was sick!!  Strep throat, pink eye AND a scratched cornea courtesy of Steel!!  Agh!!!!  1.19.16

 Jaafe and I were able to meet friends out that were in town while Grammie and Papa were in AZ.  I thought I should start adding pictures of Jaafe and me to the blog so I can see how all these kids are aging us!!  HA!  1.21.16
 Steel riding one of Jaafe's NON kid horses.  1.23.16
 Two minutes later we were headed to urgent care because that horse bucked him off.  Jaafe was almost killed.....again!  
 Look what Grammie did to the top of my cabinets in my kitchen!  I really wish I had a"before" picture!!  All of these glass bottles were filled with vinegar and vegetables.  Grammie and Papa emptied all of was so gross!  They had been sitting on those cabinets for 8 years and then another couple years before that in my old house.  I told Grammie I wanted something different and this is what happened!  Love!  Thanks, Grammie! 1.24.16
 Costco trip.  She wanted a picture!  1.29.16

Christmas 2015 Part 2

Let there be snow!  The kids were SO excited to wake up to snow!!  I tried to be excited for them...but it's a lot of work to take them outside....getting them bundled.  AND I don't remember it being so cold!!  I swear the kids' faces were turning blue and they kept saying they were not cold!!!!!!  Brrrrrrrrrrr!  12.28.15

 This is me letting Steel put stickers all over my face to try to entertain him instead of bundling up to go outside again.  So horrible!!  12.29.15
But we went outside again anyway!  Papa pulled them around with the tractor this time so they had a BLAST!  12.29.15

 This van puts these boys to sleep every time!  12.29.15
 Grammie, Jaaten and I went to a Holiday Cirque show.  Pretty good but I really thought Jaaten would love it more than she did!  We had fun though.  ;) 12.30.15
 Papa and I took the kids to Main Event on New Year's Eve which is an arcade/game place close to Grammie and Papa's house.  They loved it. ;)  12.31.15

We all went to the hockey game to see the Mavericks on New Year's Day.  The kids all seemed to like it. 1.1.16
 They especially liked this guy!
 And then Hudson fell asleep right on the chair in the suite!! Sheesh!

 Steel & Braxton
 A trip to Missouri would not be complete without going to Children's Mercy.  Jaaten wasn't feeling well the day we were flying back to AZ.  She said her ears were hurting so I wanted to get her some meds before we headed back.  Sure enough she has a DOUBLE ear infection AND pink eye!  Ugh!  1.2.16
 There's a nature center we always go to when we are back too.  The kids love that too!  1.2.16
 Jaaten touched that snake!  She cannot be my child right?!?!  Agh! 

 They all got to see the snaked get fed too!